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SBS Qubool Hai Segt 13Dec13 "Zoya-Haider Masti ki Takkar"

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SBS Qubool Hai Segt 13Dec13 "Zoya-Haider Masti ki Takkar"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-13, 17:12

Written Update ....

The BG song was .."Tada meda ladkhadata huva ladkaa ...."

Zoya and Haider were having discussions and mast over the plaster casts and bandages over his fake wounds ...they collide, they laugh , they have nok jhok .. In the his room/store room

Another BG song plays .."Bachna aye Haseeno lo main aa gaya ..."
VO says Haider must have been Zoya's bro in his previous birth ...they share all stupid ideas for getting Humeira out of her depression and getting her smile back on her face ... Fill up her life with laughter and fun ...
Haider speaks to viewers .. That zoya wanted him to help Humzie laugh again so he was trying that ..
While having masti he accidentally drops the plasters into bucket of pink paint and they get coloured pink and Zoya exclaims and scolds him while Haider laughs it off zoya scolds him loudly .... Humzie gets the whiff of something happening in that room so she enters with her girly gang to investigate ....

And Zoya -haider scramble to hide themselves and their fake plasters .. It is fun to watch ...
Haider says it is all fun masti and gol maal
VO then says how Haider might exclaim in zoya style .."Allah miya whats wrong with you !!"

Video update ....
Coming up ...

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