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I pray that Hrithik and Sussanne get back together: Akbar Khan

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I pray that Hrithik and Sussanne get back together: Akbar Khan

Post by Tinkerbell on 2013-12-15, 14:28

These e are matters between husband and wife. The intricacies of their relationship are best known to them, and we, as relatives, friends and well-wishers, can only pray for their wellness, hopefully together.

If that's not possible, then think of the family as a whole, with the children. There's nothing greater than the warmth and affection of family as a whole... not just husband, wife and children, but brother, sister, in-laws... the entire khandaan. I wish we all can contribute in keeping the family together."

On helping resolve issues, as uncle and family
"If called, I'll be the first person to step forward and give positive inputs on leading life together in the best way possible. That's my personal view, but sometimes, parents can also be helpless. More than anyone else, Hrithik and Sussanne should understand, not just individually, but also keeping in mind the children — they are the most important factors. They're growing minds; their entire lives depends on the warm love of their parents. I pray that they both get together soon and realise the mistake of not understanding each other. My heart goes out to them."


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