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Jalal's inconsistency

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Jalal's inconsistency

Post by sandhya on 2013-12-15, 16:43

In the heat of the new promo, I know nothing will make sense to anyone. But I've felt a nag with respect to Jalal's potrayal in the show recently. The last Tasneem track highlighted it.

In the religion track, where Jodha's conversion to Islam is demanded by Maulvis, Jalal simply holds his promise to Jodha above his responsibility as a king and declares to give up his throne and leave the kingdom to the mercy of the next ruler, whoever it might be. Though he says he would appoint Rahim, there is no assurance of stability in the empire or his powers as a proxy in such a scenario. Then there would lots of riots, bloodshed and mayhem in the riyaya.

All this to keep up his vow to a new wife who hardly cares for him and disrespects him upto that point

What about his responsibility towards his praja and duties as a king then? Is that responsibility worth less than the promise to Jo ? He wanted to stand by her at any cost. Why didn't he offer to talaaq jo and solve the issue and stand by his riyaya?

But in the Tasneem issue, he agreed to give up Ruqaiya, his best friend, first wife who married him even before he became a king, and stood by him through thick and thin in life. How is that responsibility towards praja took primary importance this time even if it meant breaking marriage vows?. Why did he not abdicate for ruqs ? Give up the throne, appoint Rahim as the successor and solve the issue? How come the praja meant more this time? Aren't marriage vows as sacred as his vow to Jodha?

Why didn't jalal talaaq jo on the religion issue as a praja loving raja but decided to give up his throne leaving his ENTIRE praja at the mercy of the next ruler
But in Tasneem issue he easily concedes to talaaq ruqs for the sake of a law in an attempt to save ONLY  the young girls

Again on the personal and emotional front,.....

If jalal feels so guilty for being the reason for Jodha's condition after her suicide attempt and became so  tolerant and understanding of all her rants and misbehaviour,  how come he is so insensitive to Ruqaiya's feelings in that last smiley's episode and doesn't understand her love in all the 11 years of their marriage and brushes it aside with 'I have no dil' declarations.

He has paid Ruqs more attention than others in the haram, of course. But he  was keen to declare it as friendship and not love as he was proud of the fact that he has no dil. (This was evident in Smiley's last episode). It was he who drew the boundaries in her case and perhaps she was afraid to cross it as she was afraid to lose his friendship too.
But with Jodha he has behaved differently. He has bent to break point to win her over and  has drawn no boundaries whatsoever.   He has tolerated her worst behaviour, crude remarks and stingy speeches with saintly patience.

He has sweated out to destroy the ghrina Jodha had for him. But he didn't make any efforts to fill up the void Ruqaiya felt with respect to him. May be he took her for granted that she will always be there for him and he need not take that extra effort.

Ruqaiya has shown grace to HIM (if not to others) even when she was the victim.She even  specifically stated she will accept Jalal's decision whatever it be .But jo has never been accomodating when she was the affected party. Her behavior has been more offensive,  non-supportive and even rude  during the blue vomit track but Jalal saw a way through to save her.  But when Ruqs was the affected party he chose to lock away his brains and simply shed some tears.

This neither speaks about his consistency nor issue handling capacity nor administration nor does it show him as a fair minded husband material to Ruqaiya

Jalal's inclination and preference to jodha would have been understandable only if jodha had been the reason behind their patch up and she had made efforts to bring the dil out of him. But since it has been the other way round, it certainly  shows jalal as partial and jodha as most undeserving.. 

This has left a severe distaste and I no longer root for the lead pair in the serial. It is only the Rajat magic that holds me on to the show.

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Re: Jalal's inconsistency

Post by anurao66 on 2013-12-15, 17:08

[size=14"]Sandhya you have raised some very pertinent questions. But the CVs want to glorify Jo and so the Character of Jalal has to pay the price. Loved reading all the points. [/size]

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