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DABH - WU 18 Mar '13

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DABH - WU 18 Mar '13

Post by slmu on 2013-03-19, 10:44

Credit: DesiTVbox

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th March 2013 Written Update by SAIBALROUTH

Episode starts with Meena cleverly saying that Chavi has not yet returned, and Bhabo gets worried, so calls out everyone, and asks Suraj to call Chavi once

Chavi returns just at the same time, see Suraj calling her, and says Suraj why he keeps calling and disturbing her every time when she was herself returning in time only, and Bhabo seethes in rage now.

Bhabo takes Chavi to kitchen and makes her understand how her safety is at stake now when she is outside, Chavi says she just went outside to leave Dilip Ji to bus-stop, and on the way went to a coffee shop to have coffee, and asks Bhabo how this thing is hampering the honor in their family, Bhabo says they have certain family traditions which Chavi is supposed to maintain till she gets married and scolds her for going out with Dilip.

Chavi cries after Bhabo leaves, says to Meena and Sandhya how Bhabo is still stuck with her ancient and rigid thought. Sandhya consoles her, and says Bhabo was only worried for her and so scolded her, but Meena said all what happened in house, and Emily’s incident, says it is for this reason Bhabo was fearing about her, and Emily feels bad that Bhabo doesn’t trust her children.

Some ritual is being celebrated before holi with priest alighting a stack of hay and some idols are also there, Bhabo and SurYa are present, Mohit is also there, and Bhabo there asks Mohit about his feelings, says like this burning pyre is burning the evil idols along with hay, similarly the truth will come out one day and asks Mohit to say truth.

emily’s parents come and talk to rathi family. They request bhabho to let mohit and emily marry in spite of their different faiths due to emily’s pregnancy.

bhabho says that while she understands her dilemma and having daughters at home, she cannot approve this marriage because mohit denies being involved.

mohit also denies and puts forth that he has no relation with emily or her child.

mohit denies and talks very rudely to emily’s parents. Her parents are aghast and try to convince him but he refuses to listen.

emily gets upset and shouts at mohit that he cannot continue to insult her parents. He too has women in his family and he should know that women dont easily put the onus of her pregnancy on any random male.
she leaves with her parents and warns him that she will bring proof to convince everyone of his lying.

Precap for tomorrow:Sandhya receives a letter with the whole rathi family in the background and busy with holi preparations. Suraj asks her about it. She lets him know that Emily has sent a court order and asking for Mohit’s permission to do a DNA test. Bhabho drops a plate of red color in shock.

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