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One off stiry about arshi

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One off stiry about arshi

Post by 001 on 2013-12-23, 03:50

His body was too close to mine, his lips nearly touching mine. My heart wanted him and my lips were craving but i couldn't. I would never betray aman not for LG. My marriage was in 2 days and the LG is trying to kiss me? Just coz he is ASR doesn't mean he can do anything. if he is ASR then i am KKG. Anyway DM knows that i would never kiss a married man. Especially not one who is about to have a baby with her. i mean sheetal would never forgive me and jiji would probably be thrown out. Arnav's lips were nearly touching mine and i pushed him off.
"What the.." he said glaring at me. He looked at me and realised what he was about to have done.
"What was the need to try and kiss me." he said mockingly. My anger boiled up and was just about to reply to the Raksha when sheetal came in the room. Patting her 9 month baby, she looked at me.
"What do you think you're doing here. Come to steal Arnav from me u shameless girl."
"No i was just..."
"Just what trying to poison his mind against me. First your sister went after my sisters love Akaash and then u went after my husband. What can we do about it though it obviously runs in the family."Arnav stood there not doing anything. But Khushi was about to explode.
"How dare you Sheetal ji speak against my family. I will take things said about me but i won't hear a word against my family. We took you in when you were an orphan and this is how you repay us. But what can be expected of you. You made the one who loved his di more than anything in the world make her homeless.You..." I stopped as Sheetal screeched in pain.
"Arnav ji baby ah raha hei.Aarghh..." i watched as arnav rushed to her side and couldn't help but wish that was me. But i couldn't bear a child as my womb was destroyed. But for that same reason i was not allowed arnav ji's love either.

sorry for spelling mistakes or anything else. Its my first time and probably my last time. I will not be continuing this story but i hope u like it. Please comment.


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Re: One off stiry about arshi

Post by Abavi on 2013-12-23, 08:52

Dear it was nice attempt, But the story seems a little incomplete.

The plot that you have taken and given here is giving us a sense of mystery. But neither Arnva's actions or Khushi's emotions are completely expressed.

Write a couple more updates, giving us the story from both their views or something like that, it will come out as a beautiful story, I am sure you can do it.

Try it, you wont regret :)

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