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Review of Qubool Hai – 23-12-13

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Review of Qubool Hai – 23-12-13

Post by Maria J on 2013-12-24, 15:06

Review of Qubool Hai – 23-12-13

I loved to see Razia being all scared and frightened. Haider has crushed her confidence well and at the right time. Haider’s identity is still a mystery to Razia. I wonder how Razia and Gafoor will take the news that Haider their guest is the mystery man. Mystery around Haider’s connection to Gudia factory is still unsolved. Razia came too close to the truth but still is scared and reeling under the last night’s trauma. 

Gafoor comes across as an inconsiderate man. Instead of calming and supporting his scared wife he is scaring her more. I guess Zoya is better off than such a person in her life. For a moment I felt sorry for Razia as she hasn’t a soul whom she can trust who would care for her. Gafoor her husband whom she should be able to expect support and help is just interested in his social status. Her daughter is busy tending to guests and is not even noticing the odd behaviour of her mother. But I guess Razia has never cared for anyone wholeheartedly either.

Humeira comes to know of Haider’s lie. Haider seems to have become serious suddenly.. No trace of the fun-loving guy he was for so long. Humeira hasn’t noticed the change either. I wonder how Humeira would react when she comes to know of the actual reason behind Haider’s presence in Gafoor Mansion. She has just come to accept his presence and care for him. 

Nikhat and Najma conversation was a nice scene. I love the bond these two are sharing. I hope it stays till the end. Now that it is revealed that Sameera is alive Nikhat is as good as second wife of Farhan. The fact that Hasina knows about Sameera shows how cruel her intentions can be. She didn’t spare her own child so Nikhat will not be spared either. It seems like Nikhat is going to live a life like her mother. Farhan also seems to be like Rashid torn between Sameera and Nikhat. On one hand he is continuing his search for Sameera and on the other hand trying to save his relation with Nikhat. Will Nikhat turn to be like Shirin is a thing to be seen in the future…  I hope not. 

Precap was too good. Loved how Gafoor’s position has been challenged by his daughter itself. Dilshad’s small smile was to die for. I’m excited to see further episodes.  I would like to see Zoya – Razia combo scenes.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

Maria J

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