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Review of Qubool Hai – 24-12-13

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Review of Qubool Hai – 24-12-13

Post by Maria J on 2013-12-25, 16:41

Review of Qubool Hai – 24-12-13

Merry Christmas!!

Humeira has come to know that Haider lied to her about his foot. She in her anger also vowed to get him out of the house. I liked how Haider says to Humeira that he will be here with her. Humeira though anger was slightly shaken by those words of his and left in frustration. Hope Haider is not playing games with Humeira too. Maybe CV’s are trying to keep the option of Ayan’s return to the serial by not showing any feelings of Haider with respect to Humeira.

Nikhat is suspicious about the house and I think she will find Sameera too. Najma will also ably help her indirectly. Farhan is trying hard to remove his guilt and making Nikhat feel special if the gift is actually sent by him. Though, I doubt if it was sent by him. The gift could also be sent by Hasina to stop Nikhat from revealing everything to Asad. I loved the bond between Najma and Nikhat. They both are so free and open with each other. This will help them unite their family and deal with their irritating saas.

Poor Razia all her attempts to tarnish Zoya’s image and weaken Dilshad’s strength has created more troubles for her. Had she not created the fake images Zoya would have been staying peacefully at Gafoor Mansion and Asad would have stayed away. But since she insulted Zoya and Asad took her away to his home they found about Rashid’s plan.

Gafoor was shit scared to lose his image and revealing of old secrets. Razia was too good when she rightly suggested that Zoya was bluffing about having the papers. She does have brains though they are used for the wrong purposes.

Dilshad’s was right to say that everything happening to them was hidden for the past 17 years. The only one who at present could help Dilsha and Zoya in their search to find the papers is Haider. There were some papers lying where Gafoor and Razia were discussing about the situation alone. I would not be surprised if that was the property transfer papers. But I wonder how it reached in Gafoor-Razia’s room. Gafoor and Razia were unaware about Rashid’s decision to transfer his property so there arises no doubt that they caused Rashid’s illness. Haider had once scarred Razia that it was her turn to be on her death bed like Rashid. The serial is a mystery serial now with mysteries to be solved all over. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the episode. Do share your thoughts on the episode.

Maria J

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