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Qubool Hai Qubool Hai 25Dec13 "Gudia Factory Raaz revealed"

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Qubool Hai Qubool Hai 25Dec13 "Gudia Factory Raaz revealed"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-25, 21:02


The episode begins with ..
Haider being confronted by humeira .. Who orders him out of the house .. After she leaves .... Haider shouts that he was not going to leave this house so easily .. For he had u finished business here he had old scores to settle ... 17 yrs old and for settling such such old scores he needed time 

The most awaited  flashback ... Finally ..are shown to viewers .... 
Haider thinks of saira  mausi and chutki zoya .. Who were taken that fateful day  to gudiya factory be him  .. Little did he know what was in store for them there .. As they waited for his mausi, zoya's mother saira ... To come out of the factory ...They were playing suddenly  there is a huge blast and the factory is burnt down ....

Gaffoor asks razia what was the need to murder saira  .. There was no need for that razia ..
Razia replies ..... That rashid was not knowing that why he was asked to burn the factory .... No one would know  That gaffoor had rishtaa with saira .... And zoya was gaffoor's child .... That saira was murdered by razia ...

Flashback ends ...
Haider weeps the loss of his ammi ... Haider weeps that his mother could not bear to repay the loans and bear the loss of her sister so she kills herself 
Now he was going to take his revenge from razia and gaffoor for murdering his mausi and indirectly his ammi ...

Haider promises to himself  to reveal the gudia factory mystery .. That his revenge would take everything in its flame 
He would make humeira fall for him and than ditch her and then take revenge from her for the faults of her ammi 

In her room zoya is getting nightmare of the child hood fire accident ... Why was she feeling that some one close to her was near her 
She thinks of investing the mystery of gudia factory ... 

Razia thinks of covering up the gudia factory raaz for ever ...

Later that night ...zoya is frightened with her nightmare . She goes to dilshaad's room to sleep in her room ... She complains to dilshaad that asad had scolded her on phone   Zoya discusses with dilz about their further plan of action .. About searching in mumani's room ... With out letting her know about it .. Dils is impressed with zoya's plans ..

In haseena's house ... Najma has decorated the room and made the place romantic for the love birds .. She praises farhaan's gift of dress to Nikhat had that she was looking very pretty ..
Najma leaves just before Farhaan enters ... Farhaan praises Nikhat and she feels shy .. He is surprised with the decorations .. She asks him to have dinner with her together .. Farhaan accepts and goes off to freshen up ...
While Nikhat is waiting a woman irritates and scares Nikhat .. Nikhat notices the ghungrooed feet of a woman .... She is very scared and brings Farhaan to take a look at the unknown feet but is surprised to see that her dupatta was set alight on the dining table ...
Nikhat brings the entire family to the dining table ...all refuse to believe her a d they leave the room ... Farhaan asks who might be after nikhat ?? Nikhat replies that it had to be Sameera who did not want Nikhat in Farhaan's life . That Sameera was after her life ... Farhaan is very worried ... As we get the first glimpse of Sameera ... Who is holed up in the cellar ...

Precap for tomorrow .. Farhaan regrets revealing everything about his first wife Sameera to Nikhat .. The wife whom he loved so much ..he accuses Nikhat of spreading rumours about Sameera and leaves the room ......

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Re: Qubool Hai Qubool Hai 25Dec13 "Gudia Factory Raaz revealed"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-25, 23:49

OK so now we know Haider is Zoya's cousin brother ...
Saira is Zoya's mother and Haider's maasi ...
Haider knows it all .. And has come to take his revenge
Razia is the murderer of saira
Gaffoor was having an affair with Saira ??
But is Gaffoor zoya's abbu ?? Yet to be confirmed !!...

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