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No Karan Singh Grover no Qubool hai

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No Karan Singh Grover no Qubool hai

Post by Ashranna on 2013-12-27, 05:09

good day,

i have waited for karan to give his version acording to an interview on another forum he has sited ill health of which is totally understandable at this point but gul had a chance to end the show on a positive note by getting asad and zoya married before all the drama with karan but she allowed it to slip away. now with karan out of the picture qubool hai will slip away from the audience. if zee network did not understand the role of asad was written for Karan and no one else.....he made asad ahamed khan and no one has that ablility to do that at this point....and i have seen other indian serials......
zee tv should not have defame or slander karan as he is an employee that has added value to their network.......this is the 21st century and no employer has the right to publicly slander employees it is just unprofessional......i will no longer be viewing zee network due to the fact they have damage,defame and slander an employee.....not to mention lie.....
the guy was a superb actor for the show at least work with for all the new serial they have introduce i have not found anyone of the like qubool hai......i sleep through all the new one can catch my attention like karan.....he represents the shah rukhs,amirs,salamas of the tv zee its your arrogance and lost that you dont have karan....i do suggest that you apoligise for all that was untrue and ask karan too complet the story of qubool hai.....
zee you as a network are really trying to make it impossible for him to ever work in the industry again.....and that is totally low and disgusting for any employer for after a while you will have no one who wants to work for your network.......i even think you did set him up against the lead actor from jodha ackbar.....because i cant see how karan lost to akbar....he is not even a good actor......again i maintained the story of jodha akbar always existed so no thought had to go into the characters but qubool hai they had to make the characters believable and the actors karan shubri and the rest made it possible....but now you have ill treated karan and that is the end of qubool hai.......
until karan returns to qubool hai i will be out of qubool hai...and all the other serial have gotten my attention other that qubool hai with karan and shubri......


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Re: No Karan Singh Grover no Qubool hai

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-27, 07:36

Ashranna i feel the same about QH ..
I understand why you feel hurt about Qh and KSG .. But please do not quit visiting us here in this forum ... Your friends here will miss you naa !!

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