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Qubool Hai. Written Update 27Dec13 "Fake legal documents"

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Qubool Hai. Written Update 27Dec13 "Fake legal documents"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-27, 20:59

The episode begins with Haider entering into his darkened room ......he goes to   the fuze box to discover someone had cut the electric supply to his room ...He decides to teach Humeira a lesson for threatening to throw him out ....

. He goes and quietly lies down on the bed next to Humeira ..
Humeira then orders him out of her room
Haider refuses to leave humeira threatens to raise her voice and scream for help .. Haider refuses to go he grabs her .. As humzie yell "Ammi Abbu "...Haider kisses her silent ... Humeira is taken aback and moved by his sudden kissing passionately

Next morning zoya is taunting Razia as She  is waiting with her bags all packed ...
Razia then informs Zoya that this was not razia's bags but they were zoya's things
Razia then tells zoya that she had been playing these games for far longer than how old Zoya was .. So she was an expert at it ....

Razia then tells her that the papers she had shown then were blank .. Gaffoor then warns Zoya to show the original papers or he would sent Dilshad and Zoya to jail
Zoya confronts them saying how could they believe Zoya would lie
Dilshaad comes and takes zoya's side ...
Razia then orders the servant to throw Dilshaad and zoya's luggage on to the street ..zoya and dilshaad are stunned .. But to their immense surprise Haider comes with som epapers .. And claims that he had got then checked by his lawyers as Zoya had demanded ... Zoya and Dilshad are zapped
So are Razia and Gaffoor .. Gafoor then wants to get the papers checked by his lawyers
Zoya is reluctant to hand over the papers to Gaffoor but Haider does not stop Gaffoor much to zoya's annoyance ...

Zoya asks haider how did he know .. Haider claims that he kept his eyes amd ears open .... And the papers were nakli ...
Zoya and Dilz are scared about being found out by gaffoor's lawyers ... Haider says it would take 48 hrs for legal opinion to be sought ....they had that much time for locating the original papers in the house ...

At haseena's house Farhaan is leaving for office .. Nikhat tries to speak to him ... But farhaan scolds her for making fun of sameera .. Regrets disclosing everything about sameera to nikhat
He refuses breakfast and leaves for office leaving behind depressed nikhat ...
Najma comes and tries to share nikhat's pain .. Nikhat then explains that she had seen Sameera with her own eyes .. Najma says every thing we see might not be true ..
Nikhat is then distracted by Najma with the offer of sharing a cup of tea .. As they are going to have the tea Nikhat notices the sofa had been shifted .. And there wa one ladies hanky near the huge wall painting .. She gets thoughtful ..

In the cellar Haseena has brought meal for Sameera who is sitting in a pitiable condition .. Dirty unkempt,  bruised .. Sameera eats the food like she has never eaten .... Like a savage ...

Later haider is very respectfuly invited to the dining table by Humzie and then he is seated politely .. Hauzie then offers him a nice spread of breakfast ... Zoya is shocked to see Humeira behaving so nicely to Humeira !!.. She the recites one shayari for Haider and Humeira ..

Zoya wants to know what jad he done to receive this change in Humzie ..
Both Zoya and Haider relish the tasty meal prepared by Najma ....Haider initially utters he has kissed her .. And shocks Zoya but quickly covers up his slip of tongue

Behind the pillar humzie observes the duo relishing her cooking and vows to teach Haider a lesson ...

Precap for Monday .. Najma jokes how Haseena had gorged on eight toasts .. Nikhat then notices the the painting is hanging crookedly .. She tries to correct it ... And tries to peek behind the painting as a scared Haseena is seen rushing forward to stop Nikhat

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Re: Qubool Hai. Written Update 27Dec13 "Fake legal documents"

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-12-28, 01:14

Meet new Asad 

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