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Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai - Written Update - 27 December 2013

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Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai - Written Update - 27 December 2013

Post by slmu on 2013-12-27, 22:46

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th December 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking about Bau ji. Naitik says give him some time to come out of this trauma, we will come and check on him in few hours. Bau ji is upset. Akshara comes to Maa’s photo and talks to her saying everyone are finding it hard to live without her. She says how will we live without you, we miss you in everything, we feel you everywhere. She cries.

Naksh and Yash are with Maharaj in their room. Maharaj explains them to be happy and says Maa is asking you to smile. Naksh says but when we miss her, we become sad, how can we smile then. Maharaj says thinking about their good things. Naitik comes to his sisters and sees them crying and missing Maa. He pacifies them and after talking to them, asks them to sleep. Naksh sees Maa’s photo and thinks about her.

Naksh wishes Maa good morning and kisses her photo. Akshara sees this and hugs Naksh. Naitik sees Bau ji alone reading the newspaper. He looks at Mohit and says I thought I will give Maa’s photo in paper on her birthday, but did not think I will give her photo with this obituary. Naitik hugs Mohit and says thanks. Akshara is taking care of everyone. Bhabhimaa is crying. Baisa asks Bhabhimaa to take care else it will be tough for Akshara and Naitik. Rukmani tells Bhabhimaa to think about the kids and how they are living without Maa.

She says Naksh lost Maa and how is he managing. Baisa talks about Maa and makes everyone smile. Chikki says tell us more about her. Bhabhimaa also shares an incident. Ananya comes to Varsha and tells her about Naksh’s birthday. Everyone talk about Naksh’s birthday and how Maa used to celebrate Naksh’s birthday. Akshara comes to Bau ji and sees him sad. She brings Naksha and asks him to talk to Bau ji and make him happy.

Akshara says Bau ji did not eat anything since yesterday, go to him and make him eat. Naksh goes to him and asks him to eat. He says Maa used to ask me to eat and you have to help me by eating this. He makes him eat by love. Bau ji eats. Akshara says tell me if you need anything. Naksh says lets go down and sit with everyone like we used to sit before. Bau ji cries.

Ananya talks to Naksh and Yash about Naksh’s birthday and talks what Maa did last year. Naksh says I don’t want to celebrate this hear as Maa is not with me. Naitik talks to everyone and says I was thinking we should celebrate Naksh’s birthday. Baisa says what are you saying, its only four days Maa left us. Naitik says Maa always wanted Naksh to be happy. He says I m doing this to make Maa happy. He says Maa told Akshara to take care of Naksh and keep him happy. Everyone looks on.

Baisa does not agree with Naitik’s suggestion of celebrating Naksh’s birthday.


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