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Sasural Simar Ka 19th March Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 19th March Written Update

Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-20, 07:29

Sasural Simar Ka 19th March 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the temple and on the road
Simar and prem are very surprised to hear that the pandit hadnt called
simar, to get more logs of wood. simar wonders who had called her then.
She asks prem to get her to talk to sid, urgently. Prem gives the phone
to sid. He asks if roli is okay. She says that she isnt at home. When
sid asks, she tells him everything about the phone call. he tells her
about naina. Simar interjects him saying that she has to go home right
now, since she’s alone, and is in danger. She prays to the lord to take
care of roli. Sid is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Bharadwaj house and on the road
Roli is getting bored waiting for simar in the house, so that they can
go to the temple sooner. she is pacing around in the hall, looking at
the door. She decides to call up mataji to ask about coming to the
temple. as she reaches out for the phone, she feels someone behind her,
but turns back to find noone. She finds the main gate ajar, and thinks
that there’s someone at the gate. As roli cautiously approaches the open
door, and finding noone there, she wonders who was there, and starts
walking inside. But as she begins to go inside, she is aware of
someone’s presence and as she turns around, she is shocked to find who
she sees.

Roli finds naina on the door, demanding to talk to simar. she tells
that simar isnt at home. Naina doesnt believe her and starts demanding
to be talking to simar right now. Just then the driver arrives with the
car, and roli doesnt listen to naina’s rant, and gets into the car,
whose door is opened by the driver, who later turns out to be viru, in
disguise. naina thinks to herself, as roli’s car drives off, that today
she would reveal the entire truth, and starts following roli’s car,
ranting incoherently.

Scene 3:
Location: In the police station
the inspector tells khushi that she cant meet viru, as he is a dangerous
criminal. While khushi insists, he gets his boss’s call and gets busy
in it. Khushi turns away, and overhears constables telling each other,
that viru actually isnt in the cell at all. She is shocked to hear this.
She turns around to go. She overhears others too saying that the
inspector didnt allow her, since viru isnt in the jail at all. He says
that the inspector is hiding this news, for saving the grace of the
jail. As they go, khushi woners that she was right, and that it was viru
only, whose shadow had scared roli, and that means she’s in the house
and he can do whatever he wants with her.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Khushi, on her way back in the taxi, overpasses, viru and roli in the
car, and gets down and shouts out his name, and asks him to stop. when
he doesnt, She thinks that she would have to follow viru, to see where
is he taking roli. As khushi drives off after roli, naina is shocked to
see this, and thinks that something must be terribly wrong.

Simar wonders what to do, and decides to call up roli, who doesnt
pick up the phone, since she left it at home. she is all the more scared
and wonders if she is in some sort of danger. She then think of trying
naina’s phone, but instead gets her call only, who thinks about telling
this to simar. Naina tells her everything that happened, and says that
roli might be in danger. Simar is shocked to hear viru’s name. She
wonders that viru was known to be in jail, then who was naina talking

Khushi in the taxi is tensed, as to where is viru taking roli. she
finds that the road is taking her to the Pahadi. She takes a short route
to it, and decides to tell simar. Simar then gets khushi’s call,
telling her everything and confirming her worst fears, and tells her to
come fast at the pahadi, as thats where viru has taken her.

Scene 5:
Location: On the road
Viru remembes roli’s betrayal, while driving the car, whereas roli is
ignorant that its viru. Roli asks him to slow down, but he doesnt pay
heed. She thinks where is simar, as she was to come home with the
material, and wopnders if she too went to the temple, to surprise her.
while viru doesnt answer, she is happy thinking that siumar also must
have planned this surprise.

Viru turns on the radio, and plays a song that reminds roli of
dancing in the bar with viru. She asks him to turn it off. He does but
starts humming again, which irks roli, and she asks him if he couldnt
just drive and stop humming. when roli asks him why are they taking the
straight road, as the temple is left far behind, he says that not just
the temple, but everything of her life is behind her now, and turns
around to reveal his face to roli, who is shocked to see him.

Scene 6:
Location: In the temple and in simar’s car
Sid is worried for roli, and hopes that she doesnt get to talk to naina.
Sid tells prem that he feels he should have been with roli right now.
Just then prem gets a call from a dishevelled simar, telling him
everything. He tells simar not to worry and says that they would leave
right now. After cancelling the phone, when he tells the family
everything, they are very tensed and tells sid that roli’s life is in
danger, shocking him too.

Scene 7:
Location: In viru’s car
Roli asks him to stop the car, but he refuses saying that this is what
he has come back for, and that he promised that he would return for the
one he loved the most in the world, i.e. roli. She asks him to stop
talking nonsense and stop the car. But he says that now this would stop
only when he wants it to. The screen freezes on roli’s scared face.

Precap: Viru takes roli in his car to the
hilltop, but is shocked to find that her family is already there. She
victoriously tells viru, that he lost out yet again. Viru says that
since he started this game, he would finish this too. Much to the
bharadwaj family’s and roli’s horror, he speeds off the car, and drives
off the cliff. A scared roli shouts out for sid. The car falls into the
river beneath the cliff. simar shouts out in shock.


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