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ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

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ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-29, 22:28


How can some be so innocent so nave and so childish ???????? some time I wonder what will happen to her if
I will not be there, I don't want her to
see even the tiniest pain in her life. all I want her to live a life filled with all
the leisure of life all I wish is to god to even bestow her
with my side of blessing. Her smile her
eyes her antics made me crazy and I never want to see her beautiful doe eye
crying. She is blissful cheerful and pure
like a lotus in mud... but I can't help it I love to tease her, irritate
her, and more to that I love to care her...


I can never understand him we always makes fun of me but hates when someone else do the
same always makes he do his work and scold me for my deeds calls me kiddo all the time all I want to show him that I am not nave I know everything or in short I can act smart I am like other girls only... Why he treats me like as if I am his baby. He tease me all the time and more to
that fight to others on my behalf even if fault is mine he will defend me only but in front of others only he give me teaching all the time as if I am a girl who does not go to school. Moral lecturers are more than sufficient in school I guess but I have to hear it in school and than from him...


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-29, 22:30


Boy - hey what r u doing in my laptop ?

Girl- nothing much I am trying to protect your laptop from virus( with a smile)

Boy- oh really but how come? Hope u are not downloading fairy tales...( with a smirk)

Girl- naaah nothing like that I am just downloaded something that will protect your laptop from all the virus and threats ...

Boy- ok so what u did to protect my laptop from virus and threats?

Girl- with a grin see yourself I have only changed your wallpaper u know what Chotta bheem will now protect your laptop from viruses.

Boy- with a astonished look what oh no not again Aastha you silly girl u changed Selana Gomez wall paper with your stupid chota bheem wall paper...

Girl - look shlok I m telling don't say anything against my chota bheem he is so sweet he always protect every1 around him and never teases any1 unlike u ( with a agitated look )

Shlok - ohk kiddo now remove this wallpaper rite now got that u silly girl (making faces)

Aastha- bas shut up u akdu I don't like u bcoz u don't like my bheem( with tears ) and don't call me kiddo got that.

Shlok- (in his mind when will this girl grow up she is 15 and she still likes to watch cartoon god how can I make her understand she need to grow up ) ohk I am sorry baby your bheem is best now get up u need to go for your physics classes with that he placed a peck on crying aastha's cheek and cupped her face ( my god she is so cute I can't see her crying like this . )

Aastha - with a smile u sure na my Bheem is good na .

Yeah I sure my baccha now go and get up and don't dare to come alone I will pick u up said shlok .


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-29, 22:32

Chapter -2

At (Agnihotri Mansion)

Aastha - shlok I want tv remote-

Shlok - no I am watching cricket I cant give u remote for u stupid cartoon show.

Aastha- listen u jerk don't try to act smart other wise I will kick your butt out .

Shlok- (completely shocked he had never seen aastha using such slang language) are you out of your mind look at the way u are talking from where the hell u learnt such words u stupid doe...

Aastha- just f*** off from here and give me the bloody remote otherwise I will make you piss here...

Shlok - tell he who taught u all this tell me right now with a glare in his black intense eyes ( he was really worried for her as she is so nave that she never cares about her acts and often get things messed up for her )

Aatha - u make fun of me every now and also scold me for watching cartoons so i have started watching roadies and other Mtv show just to become look like your girl friend Ria . she told me that I am stupid dork and girls of my age love watching Mtv shows from yesterday I have started watching roadies now, some day I will also become cool like u and I have learnt all these slang words for here only u filthy dog...

Thak ( 1 tight slap on Aastha' cheek )

Anjali- Aastha what king of words you are using ? that is what u are learning in school

Aastha- aai wo mai

Anjali - shut up and now no tv for today go do your room and complete your home work and come out only during dinner time got that! now go ( pointing towards room)

Aastha left with a nod while shlok was in shock for the very first time he found anjali slapped Aastha because his mother loved Aastha more than him , he was in utter shock and was completely convinced that she (anjali ) was really annoyed by Aastha's this behavior next to his surprise shlok to got one tight slap

Anjali- shlok what u do in school I told u so many times to take care of her she so innocent why you tease her infront of your friend it's because of you only she used such words now u to go to your room and come during dinner time only now go right now

shlok too left with a nod and tears in his eye it was not because his mother slapped him it was because he was the reason for Aastha's behavior he mentally condemned himself for teasing Aastha in front of his friends and finally decided to never to do that thing again he went to Aastha's room instead of his room and found her lying on her bed covering her face with a pillow and weeping he went near to her and said Aastha - Aastha look at me she didn't look at him and said go from here in a meek voice

shlok- mere bacche look here , she jerked his hand and said no go way it's because of u only that aai slapped me its because of your stupid Ria she told me by using such words I will sound cool and look aai slapped me for the same u never care for me always leave me with that Ria in spare time and she yells at me all the time about my deeds and even insult me in front of her friends I don't like her but she is your girl friend because of which I have to bear her I don't like her in fact she yesterday only told me all this and asked not to tell it to you otherwise she will reveal about my habit of watching cartoons in class , whenever u are not around me she mocks on me with her friends, calling me an orphan and a burden on your family am I a burden on your family ? saying this she started sobbing badly she looked in shlok eye - tell me shlok am I really this bad that u feel ashamed to stand beside me shlok cupped her face and hugged her, she started crying badly shlok took her face in both his palm and made her look into his eye intense black eyes, his eyes were teary a lone tear dropped from his eye he kissed her forehead and said with a smile filled with lot of care and love for her " no my betu u r sweetest girl in this whole world u are my angel and most beautiful girl u are no burden to me or my family in fact u are our family u know it's me u aai and baba , four of us and no one can come between us . I promise I will never tease you for your any deed I will never make fun of you in front of my any friend you know u are my only best friend I love you my beta he pecked on both her cheeks and hugged her she hid her face on his chest and he hugged her back she was still sobbing and in between that she said please don't tell Ria I told u everything you know she said if I will reveal you all this then she will ask boys to follow me she even once did that too...

hearing that shlok anger was on seventh floor what u said? She asked some boy to follow U? tell me who was that guy and what he did to you?, his anger was clearly visible in his eye he was burning with furry he roared again what he did to you tell me? and with this he shrieked Aastha from both his hand and held her shoulder making her see him. she could see the sheer anger in his eyes, with teary eyes she said " he did nothing to me he only warned me to be polite to Ria and follow her instruction he also called me a fool and I don't know him I have never seen him before he is not from our school she said stammering as she too was sacred from this look of shlok . shlok took her in his embrace so tightly it was difficult for her to breathe she nuzzled in his chest and said I am sorry shloky I didn't tell u earlier about this I was scared of Ria...

Shlok-( stroking her back with full care and sheer anger in his eyes for Ria and that boy who made his Aastha suffer ) don't cry my baby I won't tell anything to her ok mere bte now stop crying and from now onwards no need to follow anyone's instruction leaving mine and all elders ok . he kissed on her forehead again looking into her brown doe like eyes filled with sheer innocence and purity he thought in his mind ( she is so honest and guileless so selfless that anyone can take advantage of his Aastha is so cute he thought) finally after 15 minutes of this silent embrace aastha finally said Shlok leave me I am not able to breathe properly leave me shlok came out of his trance and left her with a sorry look on his face ...

How was that do let me know and do like the post all your suggestion are most welcome...


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-29, 22:34

Character sketch (current scenario)-

Shlok Agnihotri - Best friend of Aastha kirloskar , 16 year old class 11 student dazzler of school, head boy of blue house and captain of school basketball team well built and in one term dream boy of every girl in school rich but not a spoilt brat adore his parents and Aastha mean world to him though he consider her as his best friend only but he can't tolerate even a single tear in her eye ...

Aastha kirloskar- best friend of shlok agnihotri 15 yr old a normal girl known for unique innocent deed in school. her parent died in an car accident she lives in Agnihotri mansion only , for her shlok's parents are her parents. She is beautiful but she has a tom boy look, she never bother about her looks . lot many girls don't like her because of her closeness with shlok while some use her to get in touch of shlok so her life is weaved around shlok, starting from shlok ends their only...

Raghav kapoor - he is only friend of shlok other than Aastha in fact we can call him, best friend of shlok . he is 16 yr old and he is richest boy in school not only rich but also star player of school's cricket team. Girls go crazy for him but to utmost surprise he is not having any girl friend. He calls Aastha his sautan and teases her a lot...

Anjali agnihotri - Shlok;s mother and loves Aastha a lot treat her like her own child she is very nice and and very good house wife .

Niranjan agnihotri - father of Shlok and he too loves Aastha like his own daughter and he has a big name in education filled he has lot many academic institution under his name unlike tv show he loves anjali a lot and respect her also they share a very good happily married couples bonding.

Past of Aastha -

Aastha was only daughter of Avdhoot and kalindi kirloskar and they met an car accident when she was 10 only, both her parent died in that accident and now only she survived ...

Niranjan and Kalindi studied in same college Niranjan liked kalindi but she never had any feeling for him and latter on was married to Avdhoot . Anjlali studied in the same college where Avdhoot studied they both were in love but could not marry each other latter on she was married to Niranjan and accepted him whole heartedly ...

Kalindi and avdhoot used to live in delhi when suddenly Avdhoot was transferred to pune they shifted to pune and accidentally they both come across Agnihotri family form there started there cordial relationship as everyone was happy to see each other...When avdhoot and kirloskar died in that car accident it was their mutual consent to keep Aastha with them as they wanted to keep the last memory of their beautiful past...

From that time Aastha is living with Agnihotri family initially Shlok hated Aastha as he had to share his parental love because of her, he even asked his parent to send her to her house but then NIranjan told him about about her past and he felt very bad for her, as time passed he started liking Aastha's antics and her choppiness. 5 yr passed Aastha and shlok are now best friend unaware of the pure love blooming in between them...

Chapter -3

Shlok called up Raghav the same evening during dinner time as he wanted to discuss this issue with him ... Everyone was there leaving Aastha she was still in her room she didn't come out Anjali noticed that asked Shlok about Aastha . he moved to get her for dinner when Anjali told him to sit and she will give a check on herss with this she left from there and went to her room Aastha's was sitting on her study table looking at her books with teary eyes Anjali moved near to her and sat just beside her gave her a peck on her cheek and said " I am sorry mere bte now let's go I promise will never slap you again" Aastha with teary eyes said "and promise that u will not scold me either and will take me to fun city tomorrow then only I will come for dinner" Anjali had no but so say yes she nodded with a smile pecked on her cheek ok now let's go other baba will get angry...

At dining table-

On seeing Raghav there she made a weird face and sat on her chair . Raghav gave her a play full smile and she gave hin a stern look and with that she said " raghav why are you here in my home ?? aaj kahna nahi bna kya ghar me tumhare??? with a jiggle" Raghav - listen kiddo ( raghav always called her kiddo) this is my house also and more over shlok invited me for the dinner now don't poke your nose in between me and shlok he said with a smirk ...

Aastha- I told you don't call me kiddo I am not kiddo now I am grown up I am in your class only see Aai he is teasing

Anjali - U only started it Aastha now keep quiet and have your dinner first.

Aastha and Raghav exchanged a I will kill u look and shlok was engrossed in his own thought thinking about what to do? And how to teach that Ria a lesson?.

Next morning-

Aastha got up from bed she found blood stain in her bed and all she was shocked she saw same stain on her night dress and she started shouting , Aai come soon where are u she screamed with all her strength and started crying

Shlok and Anjali were hell shocked on hearing her shout and they rushed to her sound they saw Aastha sitting on her bed crying Anjali quickly rushed to her and asked her about the matter she pointed towards her bed sheet and then said I am bleeding Aai this is my blood I am going to die now I don't want to leave you all she said between her continuous sobs . Anjali was relived a bit after contemplating and suddenly became a bit conscious as Shlok was also there listening to all this she said shlok go from here I am here with her shlok left from there as though he is only 16 but boys knows better facts about girls then girls know about themselves.

Anjali- sat beside Aatha stop crying mere bacche nothing happened to you u are all right it's just normal thing with girls and with this explained her about told her that that now she is not a kid any more she is grown up now she should feel happy.. Aastha literally got very happy on hearing all this and smiled now thought ( finally I can also make boy friend as shloky always says that I am too young for all this but now Aai herself told me I am grown up yiepee I m happy )

Chapter - 4 ( Ria's ka the end part 1 )-

Shlok and Raghav in paly ground-

Shlok - Raghav we have to teach her she made my kiddo cry I am not going to spare her what the hell she thinks about herself??

Raghav- shlok I never liked this girl though she was your girl friend she always tried to cling on me also and I thought of telling u but I didn't want to hurt u so never told u about this, but what she did to Aastha its not done we need to teach that b**** some lesson ( with furry in his eyes for Ria) ohk tell me about the likes of Ria and whatever she ask from u to get for her??

Shlok - she is very demanding girl she has problem with everyone around whether it may be any one student faculty her parents her friends any one she is so adamant to hear anyone and she consider herself as the most beautiful girl of school I am always pestered by her to appreciate her publicly

Raghav- and u did that too gauche!!! Such a clumsy girl how u have dealt with her in these 2 month I mean I know u don't like her even then what was the need of her being your girl friend ?

Shlok - to be honest I did it for Aastha I want her to be a little lady stuff, I mean she so innocent she is a tom boy sort girl, I wanted her to learn from other girls about the way carry themselves and Ria sounded a good option she is style diva of school though she is creep but I thought her friendship can make Aastha more sensible and may she can change herself on good nodes that's why I made her to stay with Ria I even asked Ria to make her understand that but that filthy b****( Ria) made my doll cry and more over instead of teaching her good deeds she taught her slang things ... my girl is already fulfilled with all such her nave antics and she (Ria) is making it worse by making her learn shitty stuffs ...

Raghav - shlok u should have taken that responsibly instead of relying on others look what happened

Shlok - I know Raghav but I am not a girl and I can never make her understand the things like a girl can make her understand you know girly things are best known by girls themselves...

Raghav - oh really shlok I thought u have Phd on GK ( girls knowledge ) with a smirk on his face ( shlok gave him an irritated look ) ok leave it what we need is a full proof plan to insult Ria publicly because for her, her repo means allot so let's do something to make her feel ashamed of her all deeds publicly what say?????

Shlok - sounds good but how is that possible any plan?????

Raghav- Yeah I have one with me???? He started ...that's all

Shlok - hey it seems nice so let's go for mission "Ria ka the end"


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by 001 on 2013-12-30, 15:25

Good plot plz update wonder what the plan is


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

Post by pt311288 on 2013-12-30, 22:08

thnks dear


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Re: ashlok ff tere liye (aashiqui tum hi ho)

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