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Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-20, 07:35

Balika Vadhu 19th March 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
Seeing jagiya tensed, at having mentioned fatherhood to him, she
immediately apologizes, but he dismisses her off changing the topic,
asking her about the books that he gave her. She says that she has them,
but didnt get time to read them, due to household chores. jagiya
explains that she would have to take care of her studies if she plans to
move ahead in life. dadisa and sumitra too watch from the door.

jagiya says that from the next day, mannu is his responsibility, and
ganga should concentrate on her studies. dadisa adds in saying that she
would take care of the afternoon. Sumitra too gives in to help, and
nandu too asks for his share of playing along with mannu. Ganga commenst
that mannu must have doen something really good in his last birth, that
he got them as caretakers in this one. Dadisa says that its every
child’s right to have love.

ganga says that she isnt thinking about now, but later on in life,
and says that when he goes from here, how will he cope up with missing
them. when jagiya asks what she means, she says that she cant stay here
forvere with mannu. dadisa asks her what would she do to feed her child.
She says that she would study and work too, saying that its improtant
for her to go now. Dadisa gives the books to jagiya, asking him to
return them, saying that its very important for ganga to go, speaking in
her tone only, that ganga is very wise and mature, and going for her is
very improtant. This puts ganga to shame. Dadisa says that whenever
there is a child’s laughter resonating in the haveli, god does something
to take it away. She turns herself away from ganga.

Ganga, apologizes profusely saying that she would not go, nor even
think about going, and asks dadisa not to turn away from her. Dadisa,
teases ganga by pretending to be angry, much to their amusement. When
mannu starts clapping, they all start laughing, much to ganga’s

Later, in the evening, as shiv and anandi, enter the haveli, they are
surprised to find dadisa pacing in the hall, deep in introspection.
Ananadi asks dadisa what is she worrying about. She says that its
nothing particular, just tensions that come with old age. She says that
she had been thinking about anandi only, and how she would go so far
away from them. Shiv askms him not to worry. But dadisa says that jagiya
might not show it, but he is very tensed from inside. She says that all
her children are settled, but only jagiya remains not settled yet. Shiv
looks up to find jagiya listening to this from the stairs.

Jagiya comes down and asks dadisa whats lacking in his life, he’s got
everything back, and tries to cheer her up saying that she shouldnt
worry about him. He takes their leave citing urgent reasons. After he’s
gone, shiv too asks for leaving as he too has some work. Dadisa
complies, and asks anandi to come inside. After dadisa goes, shiv tells
anandi that he would miss her very much. She says that she would go home
after meeting ganga. He takes her leave.

In ganga’s room, Anandi is helping ganga get familiar with the books,
complimenting on the books. Ganga is determined that she would study
seriously after putting mannu to sleep. She tells anandi that everyone
in so sad, hearing the news, and she wonders how would they live, after
she’s gone. ananadi says that she too feels the same. Ganga asks her not
to worry, as she has a beatiful in laws’ house, who take care of
everything. ananadi asks if ganga can help her. When ganga says yes, she
tells ganga to tell her any problem that is in the house, since her
family might not tell her, thinking that she shouldnt be bothered about
their tensions. She tells ganag everything that they like, and asks
ganga to take care of everyone. Ananadi tells ganga that, jagiya might
show a brave face, but actually he is very alone in the haveli. Ganga
asks her not to worry, as he’s got a new life. She is thanked by anandi,
but ganga immediately asks her not to.Ganga thinks to herself, that
anandi might not knwo it, but actually jagiya is still in love with her,
and that he would miss her the most when she goes from there. Hearing
sumitra call out for her, she leaves, telling ganga not to talk about
this with anyone, as she doesnt want anyone else to worry. Ganga too
complies. After she’s gone, ganga thinks that she might take care of
everyone else but jagiya’s care can only be taken by anandi’s memories,
as only they can keep him alive from within.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Sanchi, with headphones plugged in her ears, is jogging on the road,
unaware that a truck is honking badly, from behind. The truck grazes her
sideways, and she somehow escapes from coming under, but falls on the
side nevertheless. As jagiya passes by in hius jeep, he finds sanchi
down on the road, and is surprised. he immediately rushes upto her and
picks her up, and asks her to try walking, but seeing that her leg is
badly hurt, he picks her up and rushes her to the jeep.

Scene 3:
Location: Jaitsar haveli, shiv’s hosue in jaitsar and jaitsar hospital
As anandi is about to leave, she gets a tensed callf rom ira, telling
her that sanchi hasnt returned since jogging, and they are beginning to
get worried. Ananadi assures them that she knos the route that sanchi
takes, and she would pick her up and get her from, from there. Seeing
jagiya’s call, in waiting, she cancels ira’s call.

Anandi takes jagiya’s call who tells her everything about sanchi,
which gets her into tension. The screen freezes on anandi’s tensed face.

Underlying message: When a person has to leave, it is natural for him
to feel the loss of seperation. It is but humane, that when a person is
bonded to another, the necesssity to worry for them also increases.

Precap: Dadisa is lamenting that jagiya’s
life has become highly mundane, fom hospital to haveli, and then back
off to hospital again. Shiv gives in a suggestion saying that just like
they convinced anandi to remarry, they should try and get jagiya also to
settle with another life partner. Ananadi and others are very happy at
this suggestion.


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