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Jallu, JB and the chamber of secrets

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Jallu, JB and the chamber of secrets

Post by Peeves on 2014-01-01, 10:11

If at all you have been missing peevsie, I had been to Hogwarts to talk to Professor Dumbledore. After I witnessed Benzy having a affinity for snakes, I would have screamed the whole palace off!  

I knew she was Voldy's relative. Would Voldy have been pleased to know he had a female relative of his still alive?
I had to update the Magical ministry and Professor Dumbledore about this. Also she seems to be having a greenish Blue saliva too (This is quite entertaining... I havent seen anything like this.. But it seems that the moghals accept everything on their stride, Earlier in the month I even saw JB puking in blue)  cold 

Similar to Voldy who treated basilacs and cobras like his pets, Benzy too loves snakes, whats more? she even likes to kiss snakes. Is she a parseltongue too? Zakira the elf seems to be ever in attention to her Slytherin mistress. unknown deaths, a poisonous snake in tow which brings about death on unexpected souls... Everything fits.  scared 

As if this wasnt enough proof, we have a fool come over and challenge everyone around for a duel, Just like Gilderoy Lockhart did then. Perhaps he will lose his memory just like Lockhart ended up in the end.  party4 

None of this however freaks me out like the other important evidence that I spaded out. Benzy is not only a heir of Slytherin, she is a cross between a Slytherin witch and a dementor, Her mere kiss can suck one's soul. Can you believe that?  meoow 

Chamber of secrets is open again, The history returns, for a change, its a hybrid danger this time.  everyone Run!  run 

Wait, what have we got here? Just like Harry, our JB and her faithful sidekick have turned detectives, and are going after seemingly sick Benzy.  No one listens when they are asked not to roam around the castles in the night...  Evil or Very Mad  I need to tell Filch,  Shout out  Students out of Bed  Shout out  Students out of bed

I am wondering whats running in Jallu's mind. Is he like Dumbledore (Know it all, play it low strategic) and playing along? Or is he like Cornelius Fudge(despite mounting evidence, refusing to believe)? The way he treats the news from all around make me think may be he is quiet the Dumbledore types, atleast Akbar the great was great in administration or so I have heard!  scratch 

Atlast, I need to say something about Jallu and JB and their ever mysterious relationship or I wouldnt get any comments here. Should I point out the obvious?

Atleast for now, I see Jallu to be more or less like Dumbledore and JB to be more or less like Harry. There is loyalty, trust, belief, affection, hero workship, protectiv instincts and all that perfectly in place.

For love to find a place in this list, they have to stop acting like Dumbledore and Harry and move on to be Ron and Hermione! As Ginny sighs, Hightime already!


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Re: Jallu, JB and the chamber of secrets

Post by Maria J on 2014-01-01, 10:19

Happy New Year Peeves.. Thank you for the wonderful post

Maria J

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