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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 1 January 2014

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Sasuraal Simar Ka - Written Update - 1 January 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-01-01, 20:50

Sasural Simar Ka 1st January 2014 Written Episode

Scene 2
Simar and Roli go to their mom and asks her how is she ? When did she dischgared ? She says I am totally fine who said this ? She says some new neighbor told me that you are there is hospital. She says someone must have made a joke. Gautam(their brother) comes there. Roli makes a little fun of him. She asks Roli and Simar to stay there. Simar says okay let me inform Prem ji.

Scene 3
Mata ji tells the pandit jee that they want to donate 1 lac rupees. Sujata asks Prem to call and ask about Simar’s mom. Simar calls him and tells her that mom is all right someone made a joke. Mata ji takes the phone. Simar gives the phone to her mom. She says can you allow Simar and Roli to stay here for a night. Mata ji that’s good they will get a little rest too. Maa asks Roli and Simar to smile and have fun. She we will talk a lot and watch TV and I will love my daughters.

Scene 4
Sid says to Prem that staying here was a good idea but i wish Roli was here too. And yeah Simar too. Prem says no worries if she isn’t in front of me she is on phone. Let me call Simar she must haven’t slept. Roli must be awake to I guess.

Roli and Simar are talking. She says our room has changed a lot. Simar says its us who have changed. You have to leave all the responsibilities here. Prem calls Simar. She says I am still confused that who called. Prem says I am confused too. Simar says I couldn’t make it to there. Prem says to Simar this is the first time you are away from me. I fell like world has stopped. Simar says yeah me too I mean Anjali is missing you. Roli says give me the phone i wanna tell sid ji how much Anjali miss him. Roli gets the phone and says I miss you, its prem on the other side he laughs. Sid gets the phone and says I love you so much. Its simar on the other side. They all laugh and turn the speaker on.

Scene 5
Sid and Shalu buy the biscuits and juices for everyone. Jhanvi is in the bus thinking that we are all together for both of them. Sid distributes them in the bus. Mata ji thank God everything was okay. Sujata says it would have been much better if Simar and Roli were here. Mata ji says you are right they have not been to her mom lately. Sujat says thats right. They never ask to go there. Jhanvi says how about planning some surprise for them. Mausi ji says that needs time they will reach there by the time we do. Prem says no we have asked them to come a little late. Suddenly something goes wrong with the bus.

Maa sees off Roli and Simar she says I have not got enough of talking to you both. She says your dad has been craving to play with Anjali. Please let her stay here for 2 days or so. Simar agrees. They ask their brother to do good in studies.

Scene 6
Simar and roli arrive at the house but find no one there. Lights are off. Roli says they forgot to close the gate even. Roli says our surprise is in dark. Turn the lights on. They start calling everyone’s name but no one is there. They get worries. Simar says are they here or no let me call prem ji. She finds out that his phone is not reachabel. Simar says I am not finding this right. They start looking in different directions. Simar says please come out i feel scared. Simar asks Roli to call sid but she finds his phone not reachable as well. Simar says lets start calling on everyone’s number but no one’s phone is reachable. Simar says how is this possible. I think there is some problem.

No precap.


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