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Review of Qubool Hai – 6-1-14

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Review of Qubool Hai – 6-1-14

Post by Maria J on 2014-01-07, 17:32

Review of Qubool Hai – 6-1-14

Yay!! Razia’s plan flopped. I’m so happy that Razia got a befitting reply from Zoya. I loved the scene where Gafoor almost softened up after hearing Zoya’s pleading but Razia had immediately changed his mind. That scene made me feel Razia seems to have strong influence on Gafoor. His resolve to bring back his daughter back was the only thing which I liked about Gafoor today. Infact the way Gafoor just left Razia alone to face Zoya, Dilshad and Dadi after police was totally spineless. Dilshad amazes me with her respect for Gafoor. I couldn’t understand her thinking when she expected him of all the people to do something to stop Zoya from getting arrested when he brought the policemen. Razia’s comment that Dadi supported Dilshad more than Shirin was uncalled for. She still forgets the fact that Dilshad is also the wife of Rashid and its Shirin who is the other women. My best guess is that she doesn’t want to believe that as yet. 

Trouble time is here again for Najma and Nikhat. Hasina is all set to separate the duo. I think Nikhat again brought it on herself to expect Hasina to accept anything without solid proof. I hope Najma does bring out Hasina’s truth. She already knows Hasina is not one to be trusted. I hope leaves out Asad from all this and solve it herself. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts on the episode. I would love to read yours too.

Maria J

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