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Be relaxed.............

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Be relaxed.............

Post by KB on 2014-01-07, 20:19

why r u so eagerly waiting for jodha-jalal love story????????? hav u all forgot that it is ekta's serial???????
we should just thank god till now we are not so irritated that we all will be forced to tfrow our remote on our tv or we have to crush our mind. don't u remember the first episode dialogue that, ASAL MEIN KYA HUA THA YEH TOH SIRF HUMEHI PATA HAI. so. now ekta doesn't know what to do. so, i think she is in search of jodha-jalal's soul. who will tell her the ORIGINAL story.hope, in next 2 years, she willl definately find tge souls or her brain will be settled for the story . otherwise........... let's forget that guys. detective  detective

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Re: Be relaxed.............

Post by zuzana on 2014-01-07, 21:12

Hehe..everyone forgot its kekta maiyyas show..may be if trps drop then she might open her eyes and come back to the plot


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