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Review of Qubool Hai

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Review of Qubool Hai

Post by Maria J on 2014-01-10, 17:18

Review of Qubool Hai

Humeira with her devilish smile looked so like her mother Razia. I loved Humeira though. She was right to teach Haider a lesson for his forced kiss. I loved how Humeira played so well and trapped Haider. I wonder how Haider will repay back his insult. It would be nice to see the two falling for each other. 

Razia is in a hell now. Gafoor is already giving up fighting and she has to use blackmail to keep her husband’s mouth shut. Gafoor has started his search for his daughter. Zoya and Asad are trying to take over her hold in the family. An unknown enemy is lurking around.  Not that I sympathize with her. I’m all for her downfall but I want Gafoor to go with her. Humeira should realise the level Razia could actually stoop. I want Zoya also to reject Gafoor’s apology as he is too late now to think about his lost daughter and by keeping silence about spoiling Rashid’s life for so long. Gafoor comes across as a spineless man and I hate it how he just tries to shove all his responsibility of crimes on to Razia.  

Hasina is playing her game smartly this time and Nikhat is falling into her game. Najma and Farhan are covering up now but they may not do so for long. Najma and Imran are too excited about their kid. Farhan is eager to find his love Sameera. Nikhat is busy with maintaining her relationship with Farhan and taking care of Najma. So this time around no one is free to suspect Hasina’s involvement and Nikhat’s recent odd behaviour is also not helping. Though I do not like how Nikhat is not suspecting Hasina. She should know better than trust her. 

Interesting plots are possible. Hope the CV’s give us a good show. Thanks for reading my thoughts.

Maria J

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