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SBB - Dheel de de re Baba - Qubool Hai

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SBB - Dheel de de re Baba - Qubool Hai

Post by Tanthya on 2014-01-14, 14:50

Raquesh and Surbhi are decorating the kit,chatting n teasing one another.. Raquesh has painted Mickey and Minnie Mouse and says  boy is Asad and Minnie is  Zoya ..Surbhi is sticking butterflies on her kit... all the while both are happily chatting ..

Raquesh says that His mom used to say well, study well n now...Surbhi quickly  interrupts , comforts him saying.. well, those  studious students  studied well n became Doc or Eng..Does anyone know them but look at you, the whole world knows you!!

Raquesh says but pl know about Shriram Nene too..

They continue to chat one point Raquesh leans towards Surbhi to get at the stickers but she refuses to give it over, then takes pity on him and hands over one  sticker sheet...Raquesh begins to stick on his kite from that..

Anchor asks whether  Surbhi knows how to fly the kite, Surbhi promptly replies that she only knows how to shake the thread  and knows nothing about flying it..Raquesh cannot hide his amused grin..Surbhi asks what is there to laugh , counters by asking R whether he knows to fly the kite..R says Yes, he knows..He used to fly lots of kites in childhood

Both have finished decorating their kites  and hold it up for the viwer's...R says that his kite represent the QH family.. Anchor asks about  Mumani and Surbhi points at Spiderman n says that is mumani... Both wish the  viewer's on the happy occassion..

R wishes in Marathi (as he is a marathi boy)  and Surbhi in Punjabi ... R wants to know what Surbhi said..and she explains that with the advent of Basant, cold leaves us .. she also says that on this day, we wear yellow clothes...R quickly points out that she is in yellow Tee..Surbhi is surprised at the occurence..
R then teaches her to wish in Marathi ..

On the whole they had a friendly rapport and were at ease with one another..

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Re: SBB - Dheel de de re Baba - Qubool Hai

Post by cutie pai :-) on 2014-01-14, 15:13

Rakesh is trying hard to take ksg's place but it is hard for him......thanks for the wu tanthya

cutie pai :-)
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