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Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

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Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by sashashyam on 2014-01-16, 10:09

The reassuring thing for me today was not so much  that Jalal believed that Jodha was telling the truth when she asserted that she knew nothing about the Shivani-Tejwant affair.  It was rather that that he did that  NOT merely because he trusted her, but because of logic and because he was able, rightaway, to spot solid proof  for that.
I was very pleased with Jalal about  this, for this was a decision made by a percipient and shrewd monarch, not by a frustrated and lovesick shikari,  as Ruqaiya describes him in a cruel but accurate summing up of his obsession with Jodha.
NB: No, Munni, you should not blame Ruqaiya for that term; I do not think she meant that Jalal's pursuit of Jodha is triggered only by his desire for her. If that  was so, she would be least bothered. She is bothered only because she senses a kind of emotional dependence on another  woman which is a first for Jalal. She says shikari  because of his perceived need to win in this particular chase; it is the same obsession that a hunter has.
Jalal:  Some here  have quoted Jalal as asserting  that he knew from Jodha's eyes that she was not lying, but that is not what he says. The part  being cited actually goes like this:  Mujhe apni nigahon par yakeen hai. Main jaanta hoon ki Jodha Begum jhoot nahin bol rahi hai.  Note that he does not say Mujhe bharosa hai ki Jodha Begum jhoot nahin bol rahi hai. He says that he knows, ie as a matter of fact, not of trust.
Earlier,  Jalal affirms that even when Ruqaiya was reading the letters out to him.  he knew that Jodha would  not lying  if she denied all knowledge of this affair because, and this is the clincher:  if Jodha had known of it in advance, Shivani would never have written her  that kind of farewell letter.

It is thus a judgment based on solid evidence, not  a matter of blind  trust. It was this that  reassured me. An emperor worth his salt  cannot make judgments based on personal predilections like trust or faith in an accused, no matter how close the accused is to him.

This said, Jalal does trust Jodha  far more than she trusts him. He says so after the false pregnancy affair, adding that he does not know why he does so. But she is so lacking in perception that she does not grasp the significance of what he says then.

It was both noteworthy and pleasing that Jalal handled the matter throughout with remarkable dignity and calmness, at one point almost excessively so. The contrast with his behaviour during the dature ka ark track was  striking.

Bharmal's responses were bizarre; he seemed to be repeating Jalal's questions back to him, and he looked more than ever like a suet pudding. The only Ameri who looked horrified was Sukanya.  And it was curious that nothing was shown of the goings on among the guests; the action shifted at once to Jalal's chambers and stayed put there.

Mahaam: The irony of it tonight was that the intrigante sans pareille,  the mistress of intrigue Mahaam,  who  was so clever in recruiting Ruqaiya to do her work for her, scored a self goal and  overreached herself when she included Shivani's farewell letter to Jodha in the bundle of the prempatra. She was rejoicing because the wording of the letter could give the impression that Jodha had indirectly instigated Shivani to bolt, with all that talk of prem being an unshakeable foundation for a relationship,  and thus all important. But then she missed the cardinal point:  that the very existence of such a letter would, to a shrewd judge,  exculpate Jodha. Unluckily for her, Jalal's grey cells decided to come alive today of all days!

So even Mahaam missed a trick there. If she had suppressed that letter,  Jalal might not have believed Jodha's pleas, for then it would have been just a matter of blind  trust which, after The Shove,  he does not have in her  any more.
Jodha: Paridhi's Jodha was uniformly good today, and the quickwittedness with which she spiked Ruqaiya's accusation by citing the dature ke ark ki dibbi found in Salima Begum's rooms was impressive. She is evidently a  woman who can  keep her head on her shoulders even in such a crisis.  She was also dignified in the explanation  she offered Jalal, and I applauded her not starting to plead or remonstrate with him when he switched tracks and accused Bharmal.
But I wish she could have spared a thought for her favourite devar and what he must be going through. But what with the awful shock of Shivani's betrayal, and with Amer's rusvaayi clouding her mind, that was perhaps too much to expect!
Ruqaiya: I felt sorry for Ruqaiya, conned so expertly into pulling Mahaam's chestnuts out of the fire for her. She was too shrill and sharp, but everything she said was spot on, and Jalal knew it, whence his angry outbursts. 
Besides,  she is the only one who really cares for the prestige and power of the Shahenshah and the Mughal sultanate, partly of course because her own prestige and power are linked to that, but also because that kind of total identification is bred into her bones.

It will never be like that for Jodha. Amer will always come first, for all that it must have been drilled into her from childhood that after marriage, the sasural must come first. So many here are relieved that she at least thought about the humiliation of the Mughal sultanate, even if only after  that of Amer. That in itself is very revealing; it is like the Prodigal Son, who left home and was a rebel, and when he condescended to come back, he was welcomed with open arms and a fatted calf was slaughtered for the celebratory feast. The Good Son was taken for granted. Jodha is the Prodigal Daughter for so many, who  jump with joy when she makes some tiny gesture of respect for the Mughal royal family.  There is no arguing with this.

What lies ahead:
Though it is Bharmal who is now in the frying pan, with Jalal convinced he was knew all along about Shivani's liaison,  I do not think Jalal will be able to bring the matter home to him. It remains to be seen how precisely Bharmal gets out of  it.

The precap evidently refers  to Shivani & Tejwant, with Jalal harshly proclaiming that they would be punished for shaming the Mughal sultanate and hurting his brother, and brushing  away  Jodha's pleas (for mercy?). But I do not have any very high hopes of his staying the course. In fact  I am pretty sure   his scowling at a tearful Jodha,  and wagging his finger at her as he threatens dire retribution  for the runaways, will also come to nothing, and will end up as the mother of all damp squibs.

The sad truth  is that nothing Jalal says means anything any more when it comes to his dealing with Jodha. He tries to sound determined and fierce, in order  to convince himself that he has not become weak because of his obsession for Jodha, but he knows what the real score is and so do I. He will thus very likely  cave in and let them off, and I would not be surprised if he persuades Bharmal, by elevating the kaarigar,  to accept the truants and endorse the marriage as well.

If that happens, folks,  you can heave a sigh of relief, for I am out of here.  
I was prepared for this amar prem  being unbalanced, with Jalal as the lover and Jodha as  the beloved. Good for her, and  I never thought  her capable of any great romantic passion any way. For Jodha, no man will come ahead of her Ameri parivaar.
But  a man of straw,  a Shahenshah who  is prepared to stand  insaaf  on its head because he cannot see  Jodha weep,  would turn me off for good. I despise men who  become like  poodles when they fall in love.
Moreover, as Sandhya pointed out elsewhere, Jalal's grey cells might have functi0ned this once, but only because it concerned Jodha, like the time when he spotted the dirt under the murdered Hakima's nails. They do not seem to work in any other context,  and Sharifuddin in the kaal kotri is better informed about the dangers threatening Jalal than he is.  
Moreover, this yoyo exercise, with one of the two leads alternating as the idiot in residence,  is beginning to be tiring. And an anaemic, oscillating relationship,  that seems to anchored in the man's weakness, not his strength, and the woman's blindness,  does not seem, at least to me, to be the stuff of epic romance.
This will very likely sound sacrilegious to the 98% here who are now in ecstasies over The Look (everything about Jalal and Jodha seems to need capitalisation these  days: The Shove, The Handhold, and now The Look!) that a tearful, departing Jodha, and a Jalal trying hard to look ruthless and ending up looking as it he was made of soft marzipan, exchanged last night.
But give me  Viraf Patel's Mrityunjay in Ek Boond Ishq, and his Tara any day! The screen is literally lit up  by  their deep, total emotional dependence on each other, and  their  desperate caring of each other. No one else exists for either of them.  That is le grand amour, not this amar prem that is forever in the making. Alas, Viraf is reportedly quitting that show soon for Bollywood. Good things, it seems, never last!
Shyamala B.Cowsik

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Re: Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2014-01-16, 14:04

The light is shaky... also, probably it isn't anything that might last. Jalal is a changed man and he knows it. He is not the same guy he used to be a few months back. So any show of anger now would last only as long as sufficient tears of Jodha.. and probable reruns of  Shivani's prem gatha would fix in his mind that love apparently conquers all -- even if it is the selfish, blind, uncaring variety. Somehow, he is sure to get the idea (probably from Jodha) that it is noble for a king to honor prem and a relationship based on it ... and to understand that what they did was only because they were afraid to lose each other...

I s'pose Mirza Hakim's so-called superior qualities as a human being would come into play. I won't be too surprised if he champions the cause of star-struck... erm ... Jalal-struck lovers. After all, he was supposedly in love and has lost it -- so, he'd be supposed to 'understand' what Shivani and Tejwant feel like.

And so ... after lessons upon lessons of prem by Jodha begum (an apparent Ph.D in the subject), here is after all a demonstration of prem --- just for the benefit of Jalal, a heartless king.


Well... at least I am happy about one thing. Ruqaiya sure put him before a very clear shining mirror. I wonder if Jalal would recognize himself looking into it.


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Re: Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by The Witty Kitty on 2014-01-16, 16:23

Hi Soul mate,

Before I comment on the post, let me say this.

SOULMATE, kahan ti tu abtak??? And now when I aa-ing,you are threatening to do the jaa-ing act??? Yeh kahan Ki insaafi hai???

Ok,melodrama Katam. Now for comment maroing.

When they showed the two conversations interlaced with the other,I was sure,Maham had won. And after Ruqs almost na-mard ing the Shenshah,I thought "Off With Jodha's head" .

Never once did I think,the love lorn man would hit upon the very obvious that why would Shivani write a letter if Jodha already knew.

I liked that as of yesterday's episode Jodha did not say oh my bapusa,oh my Dadi Sa,Oh My Amer Sa. Yes,Bharmal did agree at extreme speed for this marriage.Was that why his wife isn't around for her own daughter's wedding - because she knew of it and was ashamed of Shivani and didn't want to have anything to do with her.

whatever decision he makes is definitely going to be pro-Jodha,that we all know.

I was hoping he banished her as a punishment for her disrespect to him and her family causing The Mughal Sultanate to lose face in front of one and all.

What her parents failed with both daughters,I hope Jalal teaches both a lesson. 

What Shivani did was unforgivable in those days and seeing Jodha getting punished for it,might spark the dot of rajputana blood in her.

I think it's high time Ekta shifted the focus.Right now,Maham & Adham get half airtime,Jodha & Akbar quarter each. Like someone said for a layman,it will look like a story of Maham,Adham,Ruquaiya 's hatred for someone called Jodha.

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Re: Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by anurao66 on 2014-01-16, 16:29


I totally agree with you. Its high time they change the tracks. Shivani did something which was not correct any time for she is not only disgracing her parents if she had eloped in Amer but is responsible for the breakup of her Nirdosh sister's wedding.

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Re: Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by JAISMINE on 2014-01-16, 22:58

The only scenes I liked in yday's epi were:when Ruqu brilliantly lectured Jallu(her lecture was much more entertaining than Jo's bhaashans) n when Jallu's gray cells revived, cheers
   I read that article 4rm the Hindu aunty,t'was nice n u luked sweet  in that yellow sari... :) 
     n pls don't leave the forum,I'll really miss reading ur posts... No


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Re: Jodha Akbar 152: A shaky light at the end of the tunnel?

Post by Sponsored content Today at 07:05

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