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Diya Aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 20 January 2014

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Diya Aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 20 January 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-01-20, 22:02

epi starts with sirji saying sandy intentionally didnt follow her orders
she says she will not allow any practice without hair cut and that sandy is not taking this training seriously 
zak says within himself why is not sandy obeying sirji
sirji says to stop behving like a girl and she is noticing from the beginning sandy is interested in bangles bindi sindoor
sirji says sandy needs to forget she is a woman and she has to apply the traits of a man and those wil succeed only if she follows these
sandy says she is sorry for not obeying her
ips is not her hobby but her passion her dreem

by mere chopping her hair her dream is not going to change

her passion for the dream will not change

she will have to built in stamina to go further and mere chopping

she wants to change from within 

sandy says when she went to salon she realized that the problem needs to chopped from roots and this hair cut will not change anything

sirji is not impressed

she says losing her identity and forgetting values seh doesnt want to be called an IPS

when she passes out she wants to be called by bb that her DIL is an IPS and bbsa feels proud of her 
sirji ignores sandy and says there will be competition from next day and orders zak to bring the squad together

seh says there is obstacles competition and she wants all the records to be broken
sirji leaves and sandy is all confident that she will prove herself

bb says sandy had said she will call through video chat she asks mohit to bring the dabba ( lappy) and mohit says to on a particular button to suraj and sandy will come online
suraj switches on the button and is worried if sandy would have her hair cut
sandy comes online and wears a wig with short hair and asks surja how does she look
deepz looks cute in this

sandy does her usual badmaashi with suraj 

suraj says she looked better with hair cut and asks her to wear long hair after training
suraj explains about her long hair and sandy removes the wig and suraj is all smiles
suraj continues praising her long hair ( where did bb go)
he asks how did she manage sirji

bb comes and is surprised to see sandy in long hair
bbsa says he knew sandy wouldnt cut her hair
sandy is happy with her decision and suraj is proud of sandy
bb says to sandy that she went as a DIL of RP and she needs to get back as a DIL only

zak says within 30 secs they have to complete a task
he says he needs his squad to complete it at any cost
only 30 secs

zak is doubtful if sandy can complete
zak makes a rough outline of the task
sandy is holding her hip and is unable to tolerate the pain

roma looks confusingly

zak asks sandy if she doesnt wish to face competition she can leave

sandy says she never wanted to run away from competition

zak taunts sandy that she talks well but doesnt do the job properly
if she cant she better ask sirji to create squad
roma supports sandy saying she is feeling pain
zak says why did she challenge sirji if she cant do it
he says he needs his squad to be the best

precap: sandy says irrespective of whatever difficulty she may have to face she will complete the task

during the task roma asks sandy to jump and sandy feels dizzy

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