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jodha will save jalal

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jodha will save jalal

Post by Noorie on 2014-01-21, 14:23

This week in jodha akbar benazir will finally get intimate with akbar in order to kill him and jodha willbe the one to save him and :) jodha has been trying to warn akbar about aspy in his midst ,but akbar has'nt been playing any heed to her jodha will in formed that benazir has been sent from abulmali's harem to kill akbar meanwhile akbar will call benazir to spend night with him .if akbar kiss eachother then akbar will be killed immediately as benazir has snake venom in her veins  Twisted Evil but jodha will reach in time to save him from benazir saving her husband if akbar will take this the right way or blame jodha for being jealous is still to be revealed . bounce :


Not confirmed  Question 


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