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Balika Vadhu 22nd March 2013 Written Episode

Scene 1:
Location: In the jeep. Anandi shows him the way towards her surprise destination. sh takes him
at the same place where he had met anandi for the first time. She asks
shiv to proceed. while shiv is waiting in anticipation, anandi is
feeling very shy herself, at the moment of baring her heart out to him.
They both approach towards anandi’s destination, looking at each other
romantically. He sees a pond there, and he remembers themselves rolling
into it accidentally, the first time they met. She says that he seems to
be happy. shiv says how can he forget this place, as the most beautiful
chapter of his life started here. She says that her life bagn here,
although she didnt know it then. she says that when shiv came, her heart
was filled with ripples bof happiness, and her family with waves of
joy, just like in the pond. she says that for the first time, when he
held her hand, she didnt knwo that it was a message from fate. shvi says
that when she saw her the first time, he had been hers then only. She
says that he didnt even know her then. Shiv says thats what attracted
him towards her, and he wanted to knwo her all the more.

Shiv asks anandi why did he take her to all those official trips,
even though her opinion and descisions were important. He says that she
just wanted to spend some time with her. she is about to go, when shiv
hold her hand and gets her close to himself, and turning her towards
him, he says that he wants to bare his heart out to her again, as he did
when he started his life with her. He says that he loves her, cupping
her face. She smiles at that, trying to speak hesitatingly. He leans
forward to kiss her next to her eyelashes. She again asks him to close
his eyes. He is about to kiss her lips, but she drwas away at the last
minute, and running away from him, she requests him to close her eyes.
He finally does so. Once he does that, she runs away to a distant spot,
she makes him follow the lead, of her anklets, making sound, going from
one place to another. Finally she stops, and taking her mobile, she,
hiding behind a tree, and looking at shiv, who has his eyes closed, says
into the phone, that she loves her, and the voice resonates. He opens
his eyes at that, but cant find her anywhere. However, he finds her
waving dupatta, from behind a tree and sneaking behind her, he grabs her
mobile, saying that he wishes to hear it from her mouth. She asks him
to run around. While on the cliff, with shiv standing with his back
towards her, anandi manages to say I LOVE YOU. Shiv is overjoyed to hear
this, but he says that he couldnt hear clearly, and asks her to repeat
again. She says I LOVE, while taking a step back with each word, but
before she can YOU, her leg slips, and she is about to fall off in the
waters, when shiv, hearing her scream out, turns around and holds her,
and they both lose balance and fall into the pond.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar haveli
when ganga finds mandu sullen faced, and she asks him what happened,
nandu says that he feels bad for mannu and that he got a scolding from
basant. Ganga triws to pacify him saying that nandu is in fact mannu’s
elder brother, and he behaved verey maturely by getting him inside
immediately, so that mannu can be given treatment. She tries to cheer
nandu up.

Scene 3:
Location: Near the pond. Anandi is saved by shiv from drowning, in the waters, and she hugs him
tight, and catches him pleasantly surprised. He too hugs her back and
takes her close to him, in abodily embrace. She finally looks upto him
and says what shiv had been dying to hear, I LOVE YOU, SHIV. He is
disbelievingly overjoyed to hear this. He picks up her chin with his
hand, saying that he wished she had realised it before, then he wouldnt
have had to wait for so long. She says that she has said it a thousand
times in her mind, ad always kept trying for ways to say this to him,
but never mustered up the courage. He lovingly asks her to repeat it
again and again, now that she has the courage, and she complies happily,
saying I LOVE YOU, again. The screen freezes on thier faces.

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Underlying message: Love isnt done, it just happens. Its just a
natural feeling, that creeps in the heart, and finds its way through
words and emotions.

Precap: Shiv watches happily, while anandi
dances joyfully. He gives her a rose, and they both lie on the ground,
in the hay, enjoying each other’s company. They play around in the
waters, overwhelmed by their new found confession of love

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