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Suggestions for another Asad...

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Suggestions for another Asad...

Post by abba143 on 2014-01-31, 00:26

Ok guys, I have to say I am REALLY disliking Raquesh as Asad! He is COMPLETELY wrong for this role. He is certainly good looking...but he totally lacks the intensity required for this role! The godfather scratchy voice needs to go...I mean, even Amitabh Bachan was criticized for it in Agneepath...and he actually rocked it. And in angry scenes, he cocks his head so much, I think his eyes are going to roll right back into his head! Lol!

These days, Haider and Siddiqui sahib are way more in form than the main character of the show! That's a problem. I actually forward through the Asad scenes these days...that's not good because I miss Zoya that way too.

I was trying to think of a better option since we can't have KSG back and I think I have one. They should have chosen Iqbal Khan from Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai. I remember how intense his acting was and he had the voice and looks to boot! Would love to hear what you guys think. I am not savvy enough to add the picture...maybe one of you lovely friends could help with that...


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Re: Suggestions for another Asad...

Post by Maria J on 2014-01-31, 09:38

Hi Abba  hug1 

Iqbal Khan seems like a nice choice for Asad but he is already busy with Tumhari Pakhi in LOK...

Maria J

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