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Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

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Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

Post by suchee on 2014-01-31, 10:04

episode starts with bhabo saying she needs surya to offer prayings in temple.
bahasa asks what will she say when others will ask why sandy returned from TA so soon

bb says she would say sandy didnt get used to weather in HYD

dhaisa sees vik in HG and asks why did meena quit eating chat

vik says she eats lot of chat and doesnt take proper food thats why

dhasisa saays vik is also hiding someting

dhaisa says when a lady is pregnant she cant resist such items
vik is surprised how could meena hide this matter

he says he would like to have a girl this time

he gives thousand rupess to offer in the mata rani temple
dhaisa says to get a saree for the goddess

vik is super happy

he thinks meena must have thought of surprising him

in the temple surya are holding the coconut and sandy sees suraj not that happy
all of them pray

bb prays for surya's baby

sandy is relieved to see bb happy

bb says they need to pack things and leave by 4 pm and she needs to purchase a pearl necklace

bb says suraj to accompany sandy for the final formalities and she would pack her things

surya go to admin block suraj stops sandy
bbsa sees all the other cadets practising and is very upset that sandy is going to leave behind a very precious thing of hers

bb says she packed all the items

bbsa says her passion her dream

bbsa says after so many hurdles she could reach here
bb says its natural for sandy to feel upset but she is well matured and will have to take the new responsibility
bb says she gained the most preciaous thing of having a baby which is more than IPS
suraj says he feels guilty for spoiling her dreams and when she was very close to her dream 

and before fulfilling it all this happened

he says he would not be able to forgive himself

sandy says it was our dream and sacrificied a lot
sandy says its not that imp than their child and she is happy to be a mom and every woman dreams of it

suraj asks is she saying this for the sake of RP

sandy says that she could feel the happiness herself and has gained a lot after loosing something

suraj says all are happpy but he cant accept the fact that she cant become IPS

he wants her to become IPS

sandy says it is possible but may take some time

break: sandy says when the child becomes a bit older and if others take care of it she can rejoin IPS

suraj is happy to listen to this

sandy says she can join IPS when baby will be a bit grown up
suraj is surprised to hear this

suraj is happy now

vik says meena looks beautiful and asks her did she have her breakfast

vik asks if she wants chaat
meena says she has quit eating chat

he asks her to close her eyes and shows mishri's pic

break: yesterdy precap
surya go to admin office and ask about leave
the officer says that her leave has not been sanctioned

and if she needs leave on health issues she has to provide certificatef from hospital
surya leave for hospital

vik says how did she know he doesnt know about this ( he is talking about pregnancy and meena thinks about baby swapping)

meena says she did this for his sake

vik and meena argue on boys and girls discussion

vik says that dhaisa said this to him ( he didnt say pregnancy but meena mistook it as baby swapping)

precap: sandy boards the car and roma comes running and says she has come with medical report and that sandy is not pregnant

( how could sandy leave without getting the reoport)

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Re: Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

Post by zuzana on 2014-01-31, 11:41

suchee thank you so much are God sent...Hugs :)


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Re: Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

Post by slmu on 2014-01-31, 12:17

Thanks so much Suchee.

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Re: Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

Post by suchee on 2014-01-31, 13:15

U both r welcum. I did nothing by d way....

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Re: Diya aur baati hum-WU-30Jan'14

Post by Sponsored content Today at 22:49

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