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Saraswatichandra: Review 22/03/2013

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Saraswatichandra: Review 22/03/2013

Post by ShaliniRobinson on 2013-03-23, 16:10

The whole episode it seems was a preparation for the first
ME of Saraswatichandra.

Saras started for the bus stop in the same village two
episodes back and he’s hardly managed to reach there, when his might-have-been
brother-in-law hits a speeding car into a poor cow, killing it.

Kumud’s been having premonitions of something bad about to
happen. Broken as she feels, she just prays she’d now tell her father everything
without delay. And she finally almost did but Yash decided it wasn’t yet time
for Vidya to know anything and gatecrashed with his own version of the most
important news item.

It seems Yash would have to pay a heavy price for it, but
for his mother whose even allowed her son to swear falsely … selfless moms! And
this one is fully focused on her son.


Okay, this financial twist is a big ouch!

Vidyachatur took up a loan for LN by putting his house on
mortgage. And in 25 years, LN hasn’t returned it? And VC’s has been trying to
pay it off for 25 years..?? How much was it? I mean, twenty five years is a lot of time to pay off a loan!

And now the papers are in the right hands – Gumaan! The more
VC wants that no one should know of the loan and mortgage, the less of a secret
Gumaan would make it, by telling only the most interested parties of the situation
and getting her one wish: vidyachatur ki barbaadi!


Honestly, the Precap was engrossing than the entire episode…
which kind of raises hope for the ME.

All the best, SC team! This be your first ME.

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Re: Saraswatichandra: Review 22/03/2013

Post by --sumana13-- on 2013-03-23, 17:18

The precap set the mood for the ME ..I can guess it is going to. Be the villagers behaving rudely and violently with SC ... And our dear Kumud's heart felt emotions overflow out of her and she is all up I arms against her SC being punished ... So she will argue with the pujari ji... And thus SC is maha impressed with her by the end of the ME... How was my guess ...??

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Re: Saraswatichandra: Review 22/03/2013

Post by Tanthya on 2013-03-25, 22:31

Shals..How the hell did I miss this post... Vintage Shals ka post hai

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Re: Saraswatichandra: Review 22/03/2013

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