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Balika Vadhu - 1st February 2014 - Written Update

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Balika Vadhu - 1st February 2014 - Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-02-02, 02:00

Anandi-n-Anmol in Udaipur
- Mummyji calls betaji’s school to check if all iz well. Teacher then Meenumaa tells New Mummyji to CHILLAX.
- Betaji gets ragged by other kids. But, he remembers Mummyji’s advice to not be scared and sinks the ball during recess. Mummyji observes from afar and is proud of beta. Beta makes friends with Bully.

Bade Haveli – DS on the Swing
- DS wants to open a box they have received. She wants to know what’s in the box. Her three Beendhnis are nervous and try to discourage her. They claim they can’t find knives or scissors. DS says she is going to find things herself. While she is gone Sumi calls Bhairon to distract her and he does so just in the nick of time. While DS is distracted Sumi hides the parcel.

Sanchi – Kesarbagh
- Sanchi says to Iravati the counseling sessions are working and uses it as pretext not to attend Bade Haveli babyfunction for Jagya n Ganga’s babygirl. The reelity is of course different – Psycho is planning some romantic surprise for her boyfriend and remembering Jagya’s warnings to stay away from JaGanBaby.

- All teasing Daadu about flowers he is preparing for DS.

Revolting Romance
- On a park bench Sa’s Chichora ashique is romancing some other girl. *Lagta iska bhi character Dheela* Suddenly his “mom” (aka Sanchi) calls. He tells Sa that he is stuck at office with “Dad” (the other girl). He plans date home alone with “Mom” and then enjoys remaining date with “Dad”

Bade Haveli
- Sumi n Gehna dressing and blessing Ganga. DS comes to hurry them along. DS looks very pretty and Sumi gives her kala tikka so nobody gives her the evil eye.

- “Mom” is excited about her date alone with Chichora Chora (Saurabh). She calls her girlfriend Ankita and pakaos her. Sa is going to make popcorn and spend quality time on the sofa. But, no sharing of milkshake. Today’s going to be a “special” day for Sa. *blah blah blah*

- Ankita calls Saurabh and mentions “milkshake” date. Shurabh plans to start with “Beer” and end up “youknowwhere”

-Another call btwn Chichora and “Mom” — where he feeds her more lovey-dovey nonsense.

- Just then Payal arrives at KesarBagh to speak with Sanchi and sort things out. Payal tries. She warns Sanchi about Saurabh. But, Sa is in no mood to listen. She gives earful to Payal.

VO: A good friend is one that accepts a friend’s good n bad and is always there.

Precap: Celebrations in Jaitsar for the new additions to the family.

Credit DTB

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