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Maham Anga's error

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Maham Anga's error

Post by Innisai on 2014-02-06, 00:46

Maham Anga ...
Everytime she has attempted something or other to separate Jalal and Jodha but most of the incidents has brought them closer further.  Once again, despite all her plans to wed Benzy to Jalal just to insult Jodha, her plans have gone kaput.  

Grave Error : 
Maham has put Shehenshah's life in grave danger just trying to bring Jodha's reputation down.. the same life that she had saved long back and got elevation of respect from baandhi to wazir-aliya.   For gifting a vishkanya from enemy's harem to Shahenshah and rallying to get her married to Shahenshah - she could have been very well behind bars for act of treason. A solid proof is the vishkanya's statement itself when she was holding Ruqs as her shield.
So far, her prime importance on Shahenshah's life has been that she had put her life in danger to save him. Jalal had a lot of respect for her selfless act and treats her like his own mother.
Jodha has now outshined her now by putting her life in danger to save Jalal - the very blanket that only Maham owned.  Jodha is Jalal's wife by right, but now she has earned his confessed love as well. 

Maham face knots everytime Jalal rushes to Jodha's bed side and touches her forehead. I wonder what's cooking inside Maham Anga's mind now.  What would be her next move when Jodha wakes up ?

PS :
Hey, btw, did any of you notice - If you watch last 3 days episodes, you will find Maham Anga in the same place, same back position with the same closeup shot with the same expression.  She has not moved from the left side of the screen, outside Jodha's bed curtains. She has not spoken a single dialogue.  Has she gone on leave and they are using body double ??


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Re: Maham Anga's error

Post by clarissasham on 2014-02-06, 00:59

Good post yar .
No idea when jalal will realise
.I think they are using body double

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Re: Maham Anga's error

Post by candy on 2014-02-06, 07:00

Nice post innisai.. You have pointed out exactly.. After Jo comes normal jalal will think abt Wat and how ??
lets see if he enquires anything to MA or Wat would be his reaction when she speaks with him. Because til now, she dint even speak..
its strange even ruks dint taunt her yet.. it may be like as you said, she might be on leave,.

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Re: Maham Anga's error

Post by Sponsored content Today at 22:35

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