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In the memory of Ben, The almost begum

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In the memory of Ben, The almost begum

Post by Peeves on 2014-02-07, 17:25

Dramabaaz all of them... Agra fort is highly charged with curses and spells these days... It all started on that fateful day...Benzy, the basilac had her almost last laugh...

As JB drinks the poisoned Kheer with the reverence fit for complan..She would have almost declared, she is a complan Begum... but unfortunately falls down asleep at the wrong time- This shows what would happen when one spends too much time out of bed.

For Benzy, who was almost there, in executing her cleverly laid plans, everything turned ulta- well almost!

She is a very positive basilac... She would have nodded with a hiss if someone had asked her Mann mein laddoo phoota?  when JB drank her kheer. One target done with...She always wanted to get rid of that complan Begum. But wait, what the ?

With Agta and his men promptly holding the swords at Benzy's throat, She would have almost given up.. but for Ruqu who dutifully comes to stand next to Benzy so that she can grab her easily... Mann mein doosra laddoo phoota benzy? I hear a loud hiss again...

Benzy however is not the bright types. She should have sinked her bangs into that pretty throat but she doesn't, She stands there giving Bhashan. Jallu would have thought, maybe this is jinxed. All my begums and almost begums come with bhashan tag. I know what to gift him when he decides to marry next. I can teach him to use the silencio charm.

AK the fool retreats, MA and Ruqu are being bashed by Benzy but Benzy has a soft corner for AK, or she has selective amnesia.. she forgot to mention his name... Is she a secret member of MA and Ruqu bashers? Inbestigation karega padi... Finally when she decides that she had had her fill with gloating about their weakness, I cannot help but sigh, it happens only in Indian television shows and movies. Why does the criminal gloat?

Then she crawls happily with her prey for escapade and our man Jallu stands there stupefied.. Wait no! who stupefied him at this juncture?  
He isn't a doc really and he isn't a wizard too.. Obviously the only thing he could have done is to follow Benzy to save Ruqu. Seems he wants to play safe, he doesn't want to give her the chance to devour the theesra laddoo too...

She would have had another chance to rejoice...

it happens that her happiness is Jallu's misfortune and Jallu discovers that not only two of his begums are in potential danger  but Abu mali disappeared out of thin air...Now, wait... How did that happen?  did he disapparate? Is he a snake too? did he crawl out? or does he have a invisibility cloak?

But Jallu knows his army is not very good at searching escapists. They are still searching for JB's sister and her lover. and they most probably wont find out Abu ever again.. and given that, shouldn't he go on his own to claim his Ruqu begum, his most favorite one? NO, again he stands there... asking after the health of JB when that lady does almost nothing other than staring at JB's face and giving her some meds. But JB cant swallow when she is asleep.. can she?

I couldn't stand the glum atmosphere and flew away to the location where Ruqu was being silenced by Ben. I did tell her to silence Ruqu with a bite. She isn't clever as me and let ruqu gain that advantage with a mere stone... an aah... and she got caught... Hmm.. Agta khan gets lucky sometimes... Third time lucky they say...

Ben has the weapon to save herself, she could bite the soldiers, but she got hit by selective amnesia again, and was dragged to the well and dropped in on Ruqu's orders...

What a waste... I danced a tango watching that, but seeing the Dramabaaz these days, I wish, almost wish that Ben escaped out of that green well and will come back hissing again..

Now that you have reached the end of my post, tell me how many almost did I use? You are allowed to cheat, But I know you wont risk reading this crap again, one read is itself a torture.

I look forward to your comments.


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Re: In the memory of Ben, The almost begum

Post by sandhya on 2014-02-07, 17:38

Silencio charm is THE NEEDED thing  for Jalal now. We are going to have jb give bhaashans on prem and kartavya and ruqu...............god knows what when Jallu tells her that he loves jb now.

Atga was lucky. If Ruqaiya had not found the stone he would have looked as stupefied as Jalal was during the drama.

Ben's bhaashan was probably a cpontagion contracted from jb. She declared that Jo was doing so much for a shohar who doesn't care for her. Selective amnesia for sure as it was she who declared that jo was jallu's sabse chahithi begum in the baajubandh scene.

Ak must have hidden behind someone to escape being spotted by ben.

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