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Sasural Simar ka written update 7th February 2014

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Sasural Simar ka written update 7th February 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-02-07, 21:05

Sasural Simar Ka 7th February 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1
Mata ji says go an rest in your room. Jahnvi leaves in anger. Simar says don’t angey she is going through such a bad time. Simar tells everyone that she was about to abort her child She won’t ever be a mom if something wrong happens to her. Simar says maa jhanvi need you at this time. We have to be her power not her weakness. Mata ji says she is right we all have to take care that jhanvi should stay happy always.

Scene 2
Mata ji calls out everyone’s name. Rajhinder says sid and roli are not her. Mausi ji says am I looking like heroin ? Mata ji says yes you are looking so good. Everyone makes fun with Sankal. Jhanvi comes in, Mausi ji says wow you are looking so good my daughter. Jhanvi says Mata ji and maa I am sorry I shouldn’t have talked like that. Mata ji says no one is angry with you here.
Sonia, sid and Roli have come. Roli says we have better arrangements today. Roli says time will tell who has made better preparations. Mata ji welcomes everyone in. Verma aunty congratulates Karuna by hugging her. She congratulates Mata ji. All the guests are arriving one by one.
Sankal is gazing at sonia Verma aunty coughs to tease him. Simar and Roli smile as well. Sonia is being shy. Sonia comes to mata ji and says I never thought that my marriage will be like this. With all the rituals. Thank you Mata ji. Roli says these tears are so precious keep them safe. Its the event of happiness. And today me and my simar didi are in different teams today. Lets see who wins.

Scene 3
Rani calls someone and says you gave me the medicine but didn’t tell me how to give it to her. She says okay I will call you once she is unconscious. There should be no faults in the tasks.

Scene 4
Karuna applies Mehndi on Sonia’s hands. Uma says the color of mehndi will tell how much sankal loves you. Prem and Sid come in. Prem says attention ladies and gentlemen. Me and Sid have planned a surprise for all of you. Everyone claps.
Rani is mixing the sleeping pills in a glass of juice.

Scene 5
Sid starts dance on dance, ‘Mahi ve’. Rani gives juice to Sonia. She wonders why isn’t sonia drinking. Sonia is about to drink it when Sankal comes and takes her for the dance. Verma aunty takes the juice. Rani says this is of Sonia madam. I will give you another one.
Sankal and Sonia dance on the song. Uma says rani please give me water. Rani says okay I am going. Mausi ji says give me this juice, Rani says this is for sonia. Mausi ji says okay bring me cold drink. Karuna hugs sonia and so does mata ji.
roli comes on the floor. rani gives sonia juice again. simar jions roli and they are dancing on, ‘radhaa’. sonia starts drinking the juice. verma aunty is continuously staring at jhanvi. sid and prem join roli and simar. everyone is on the floor sankal takes Sonai on the floor as well. Sonia head is hurt. Sankal says let me take you to my room to rest. She says no I will go by myself.

Scene 5
Sonia enters the room and falls on the bed. Rani goes to the room and locks the door. She looks at sonia and calls and say i have done my task now your turn come here.

Precap- Someone comes in and Rani says go and do your task. Be careful. Simar sees sonia on the bed.


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