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SBB- Holi main Bhai Milap !!

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SBB- Holi main Bhai Milap !!

Post by Tanthya on 2013-03-25, 14:44

#SBB #Quboolhai #Twist

Holi Sequence is being shot .. Zoya is busy trying to get the bickering brothers together ...

Asad and Ayan are facing off where there is a Holi Celebration Going on .. Ayan is beating the Dhol/Drum.. Both the brothers staring at each other with anger mingled with love... Zoya pours a bucket full of water on top of them .. Both the brothers immediately give a chase and get hold of Zoya ..Asad rubs Red powder on Zoya while Ayan pours coloured water over her ...

Another Scene..

Asad and Ayan are face to face.. Ayan is beating the Dhol .. Ayan throws the color on Asad's face, A equally grim looking Asad retaliates by throwing the Colors back At Ayan...Both the brothers hug each other !!

Again the Shot of Zoya being drenched by the Sons of Rashid are shown..Director calls for retake..Reason: Zoya was chewing a Gum !!

In the meanwhile KSG gets a visit from Drashti Dhami ..Both are seen chatting like Old friends ..

Next a Mini Interview :

KSG and Rishab are interviewd and they say..they haven'y had their dose of Bhang yet .. .. once they have KSg does the slurring , drunk act ...

The anchor enquires about the twist ..Rishab turns the tag on the Mike and says here is the twist ..KSG Guffaws !

TWIST : Once the Holi ends, Zoya discovers the ID of her father and also the person who killed her Mom..

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