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SBS - 25 Mar '13 - Asya Holi

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SBS - 25 Mar '13 - Asya Holi

Post by slmu on 2013-03-25, 15:07

Asad, Zoya and Ayan celebrating Holi

Zoya trips and Asad catches her.. eye lock.

Zoya dancing and trying to get Asad to dance as well. Ayan is also dancing.

VO - Asad and Zoya will color each other in colors of love.. that's why they are rubbing red on each others cheek.

Surbhi - Asad likes black, but we will use other colors

VO - Zoya is really involved in Holi and is dancing with Asad and Ayan.

Also, special guest is Payal from IPKKND.. there to wish them.

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