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Yeh Ristha kya kehlata Hai written update 11th February 2014

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Yeh Ristha kya kehlata Hai written update 11th February 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-02-12, 00:04

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th February 2014 Written Episode
Episode starts with
Anshuman is sleeping while he senses something. He sees that Jas and Naman are doing something in hall. He wakes up and starts questioning them. Jas and Naman tries to keep his quiet but he doesnt listens. Muskaan wakes up and sees that its a early surprise for her , for her Birthday.

Anshuman apologises to Muskaan for his mistake
Naksh enquires Naitik and Akshara about Rajshekhar’s remarriage. Naman becomes furious at Anshuman for ruining his surprise for Muskaan. Anshuman apologises to Muskaan for his mistake. Muskaan informs Naman, Anshuman and Jasmeet that she has decided to host a party on the occasion of her birthday. Devyani informs her father that she will not get remarried. Akshara overhears their conversation. She informs Bhabhima that she had considered Devyani as a prospective bride for Rajshekhar….
PRECAP – Akshara and Bhabhima talk to Rajbanaa about his new marriage with Devyani. Akshara tells about all this to Naitik who is tensed and shocked to hear this.


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