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Yeh Hai Mohobbatein 12th February 2014

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Yeh Hai Mohobbatein 12th February 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-02-13, 00:35

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2014 Written Episode
The Episode starts with Bala asking everyone to take Raman to the mandap. Mihir laughs seeing Raman. The girls say he is looking very cute. Raman sends his employees. Bala says come Raman, everyone are waiting for you in the puja. Raman comes with the girls. Mihika asks Raman to remove his shoes and sit in the mandap. Raman asks Mihika not to steal the shoes as he has another pain in the car. Everyone laughs. Amma comes and does a ritual with Raman. The Bhallas laugh on South Indian rituals.
Amma asks Raman to act as if he is running leaving the marriage. Raman says what if I really run off. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to do it. Raman starts the acting and runs. Appa bows down to him at his feet. Raman says don’t do this, you are elder. Appa requests him not to run and marry his daughter saying my daughter will always serve you. Everyone ask Raman to run again. He runs and comes back to join everyone once the ritual is completed. Ishita comes and says it would have been good if you ran away. Everyone are shocked seeing Shagun.
Ishita comes to Raman and looks at him angrily. She says I can’t marry you Mr Raman Bhalla. Everyone are shocked. Shagun gets a call and says the maid brought Ruhi here, she wanted to attend your marriage. Ishita asks Mihika to bring Ruhi. Ishita tells Appa that Raman has hidden his life’s biggest truth. She says Raman has a 11 year old son Aditya. Iyers are shocked. Ishita says he is in Dehradun’s hostel. She says he is a monster. She asks Shagun to tell everybody. Shagun speaks against Raman and says he is not good for kids. She says when my son was 8 years old, Raman has beaten him so much only because he chose me in our fight, Raman was shouting on me. Aditya tried to stop him and we had to take him to hospital.
She says we had problems in our marriage, but Raman have anger in every relation. He has beatn his own son that Aditya gave in court to speak against him and chose me. Raman says Shagun is lying. He says I have a son. Ishita says he has a son, and we did not even know about it. How can he hide such a big truth, you have beaten him, we can’t trust you. She says you can do the same with Ruhi. She says I will not support you in this. She says Ruhi should go to Shagun, not you. Shagun apologizes to everyone and says I had to tell the truth. Ishita says no need to apologize.
She says Raman does not deserve anyone, I don’t want to marry him. Shagun smiles. The lawyer asks Raman to cool down. Ruhi comes there and hugs Ishita. Ishita requests Shagun to let Ruhi stay with her. Shagun says sure and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla is angry on Shagun and cries as the marriage is called off. Ishita talks to Appa and says I m very sure about my decision, I did this to send Shagun from there, I will marry Raman for Ruhi’s sake. I won’t let Raman beat Ruhi ever, I will control his anger, I hate Raman a lot, but this marriage I have to do. Appa says its tough to live hatred life, but I can’t let you do this, why are you doing this.
Ishita says my love for Ruhi is greater than Ishita. I will do this marriage and will always stand between Raman and Ruhi. The lawyer asks Raman to stay cool. Mrs. Bhalla says we know what happened that night. Shagun put the blame on Raman. She curses Shagun. Raman says how can I forget, Shagun proved me a bad father to take my son. Raman gets sad. Mrs. Bhalla says we know the truth. Raman says Shagun lied always, I don’t want to recall that day. Mihir says we all forgot that but it came our like this, we never expected this.
Raman says Ishita won’t marry me after knowing all this, but I care about Ruhi, I want Ruhi with me. He asks the lawyer to think about getting Ruhi. Ruhi comes to Ishita and asks whats going on, will you not marry my dad.
Ishita says no Ruhi, I will marry your dad, I promise. Ruhi says but you said you won’t. She says now I m saying I will be your Mumma. Ruhi hugs her. The lawyer Pathak asks Raman to talk to Ishita. Raman says its final, she won’t marry me. Ishita says i will marry you. Raman is shocked. The Bhallas are happy. Raman looks at Ishita. Ishita apologizes to everyone for misbehaving. She says I did this to send off Shagun. She was prepared to stop the marriage which I did not wish, so I acted. Raman now understands.
She says I made Shagun think she won, but this marriage is happening for Ruhi. She says I m shocked to know about Aditya, how can anyone hide about him, Ruhi is the foundation of this marriage and I m marrying for her sake. I m ready to marry. Mrs. Bhalla thanks the Lord. Amma smiles. Ishita thinks she is marrying to save Ruhi from Raman.
Mrs. Bhalla does Balle Balle. Amma says the mahurat is passing by, hurry up. Raman says i know you trust Shagun, but that is not true. Ishita says I don’t want explanations, Ruhi is with me and I will never tell her your truth. I will keep her safe from you. He says the truth is something else. He goes to the mandap. Shagun and Ashok are happily drinking wine. The lawyer calls Ashok and Ashok says we will win the case. Ashok tells Shagun we are going to win. Shagun says that calls for a party. Ashok calls someone and books a banquet hall. Shagun smiles. Shagun says shall we start inviting everyone. Ashok says yes, it will be Raman’s failure tomorrow, we will win, everyone will see tomorrow that ashok Khanna is much better than Raman. Shagun says Ruhi will be never his.
Ruhi does Ishita and Raman’s ghatbandhan. Everyone smile and are happy.

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Re: Yeh Hai Mohobbatein 12th February 2014

Post by anurao66 on 2014-02-13, 11:24

Thanks for the update. So how long was Shagun married to Raman.

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