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Balika Vadhu written update 15th February 2014

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Balika Vadhu written update 15th February 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-02-15, 22:09

Balika Vadhu 15th February 2014 Written Episode
The episode starts with Dadisaa stopping the Supervisor, Police and workers and says this land is for college. I will see how to build factory on this land. Lawyer comes to badi haveli and asks about Dadisaa. Sumitra tells her that a fight have initiated at the college place. Jagya says, children’s future will be spoiled. Inspector says, I am sorry. I couldn’t do anything. Shiv calls on the landline number but no one pick the call. Shiv thinks to call Bapusaa. Saachi asks Anandi, whether it is right to confront Saurabh. Anandi says, I am sad that I couldn’t blacken his face and put a plate around his neck. But the thing is the video which is needed now. Saachi cries. Anandi asks her not to get scared with Saurabh, he is very cheap minded guy. She says, I will go and meet him. Shiv calls Sumitra.
Sumitra tells her that the protest is showing live on TV now. Shiv switch on the TV. Dadisaa sits on the land, while the girls lay down on the land. Journalist tells what will happen now? Bhairov asks Inspector to support them. Inspector says, I am helpless. Supervisor calls Collector and tells about the protest. They are not letting us work. Collector asks him to give the call to the Inspector. Collector threatens the Inspector and asks him to do as he says. Inspector thinks, I have to do as he says. He requests everyone to move else he will give the order to start the machine. He gives the orders. Basant goes and take out the driver of the machine. Jagya and Bhairov ask Dadisaa to get up as they will not listen to them. Everyone prays for them. Basant tells Dadisaa to get up. Dadisaa is still sitting. Lawyer comes running and shows the court stay order. Everyone applaud for Dadisaa.
Dadisaa gets happy and marks her head with the soil. Shiv calls Dadisaa and says I am very proud of you. Dadisaa says, I have everyone’s blessings with me. Saurabh comes to meet his friends.
Anandi comes and says I want to talk to you. Saurabh says, I don’t want to talk to you. Anandi says, you might have many things to tell about the R*pe. Saurabh says, ok we will talk. Anandi says, I am feeling ashamed to talk to you. She blames his family about raises a doubt on his values. Saurabh says, I got physical with Saachi, what is the big deal? We both are adults. She was desperate to sleep with me. She was after me. Anandi slaps him hard. His friends are shocked. Anandi says, this slap is nothing. She threatens him to give his phone with the recording. Saurabh says, I deleted that video. Anandi says, I don’t believe you. Anandi checks the phone. Saurabh says, recording is not there. Anandi says, I can’t trust you. I will get you punished for your crime and if I see the video again then you have to face the punishment. Anandi leaves. Ankita asks Saurabh, did she has a doubt on you? Saurabh says nothing.
Bhairov, Basant and Jagya tell Dadisaa that Collector have faced Dadisaa. Sumitra says, we were scared. Dadisaa says, Devimaa was with us, but I didn’t understand how the media reached there. Ganga tells them that Jagya was behind it. Jagya says, I was worried that’s why told the media as they are strong. Basant says, everything went on smoothly. Jagya says, everyone have seen your move and might be inspired by you. Dadisaa, asks, did I do the big thing? Jagya says, yes.
Anandi tells everyone that Saachi wants to say something. Saachi tells everyone that she recalled everything and that guy was Saurabh. Alok asks, why didn’t tell us before? Saachi replies I was scared. I thought he loves me. She tells that he made the video of the crime. Everyone are shocked.


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