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Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

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Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-02-15, 23:36

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita coming home from the hotel. Ishita smiles. Everyone are happy to see them at home. Simmi passes a comment that they might have not slept. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go and get ready to come for breakfast. She asks Rinki to show her the room. Rini says this is your room, if you need anything, let me know. She asks Raman where should I keep my clothes. He says find it, this cupboard is mine. They start arguing. He says keep it at yoour mum’s place, you can take it any moment from there. He says I have to go to office. She says I have to go to clinic, and then court.
Ishita sees Mrs. Bhalla doing yoga and asks her can I have bath in any other bathroom, I m in hurry. Mrs. Bhalla says no, the bathrooms are busy, wait for sometime. Ishita thinks what to do. Appa is missing Ishita. Ishita comes and says make coffee for me, I m getting late. Amma is happy seeing her. Appa says why did she come here. Amma says Ishita is getting late so she came here. Appa says make some sweet for her, she came 
here for first time after marriage. Mihika asks Ishita what happened at night, tell me. Ishita says I slept after some time and he slept in the bathroom. Ishita says he did not let me go in the bathroom. Mihika laughs hearing the story. Ishita says what was the need for the Badam milk. Mihik says I brought butter milk, I don’t know how it got changed.
Ishita says I m going, bye Amma Appa. Appa says you are looking so pretty in saree. He says sit with me for two mins. Amma and Appa look at her and smile. Ishita asks what 
happened. He says nothing, have some sweets, as you came first time after marriage. Ishita says I will keep coming daily, no formalities. She says I m getting late for clinic. Ishita comes back. Mrs. Bhalla says where did you go, come have breakfast. Ishita sees non veg and says I m not hungry, I will have tea. Mr. Bhalla looks at the food and understands. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to have something. Mr. Bhalla comes to Appa and says I came to have idlis. Amma says welcome, the idlis are hot.
Mr. Bhalla makes an excuse and asks him to pack some idlis for him. Mr. Bhalla brings the idlis for Ishita. Ishita is surprised. He says its made by your mum. Rinki says I will 
also have. Simmi says the air is changing. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t worry. Raman says I m going to office. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to reach the court on time. Shagun and Ashok are
 at the court. Ashok says I think Raman might not come today. Shagun says Raman might be desperate. Ashok underestimates Raman. he says I don’t think he will come.
Raman comes and Ashok says hello. Ashok says remember Shagun, he challenged us that we will take Ruhi to his house. Ashok says you thought you will marry Ishita and it will work. He says this is a lesson to show that Ashok Khanna always wins. Raman says stop this and taunts him. Raman looks at Ruhi. Ashok says did you see, he is afraid of me. Shagun says lets go inside. Ashok says call Ishita, she is the important person. 
Shagun says she will come, don’t worry, she will speak against Raman. Shagun takes 
Ruhi inside. Ishita arrives. Shagun and Ashok are shocked to see her married.
Raman looks at their reaction. Raman says she is Mrs. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla. Shagun is shocked. Ishita sits beside Raman. Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing Shagun. Shagun says I don’t believe this, Ishita married Raman. Ashok asks whats this, you told everything is under control. Shagun says I don’t know why she did this, I have to talk to her. Shagun messages Ishita asking her to meet outside. Raman says where are you going. Ishita says coming in two mins. Ashok says Shagun sort this problem now. 
Shagun  asks Ishita why did you do this. Ishita says I m sorry, I had to marry.

Shagun asks what are you saying. Ishita says I wanted to safe Ruhi so I married Raman, so that I can be in between them. Shagun says you should have supported us and you could not have married Raman. Ishita says would you be able to keep Ruhi happy, you wanted to send Ruhi to hostel, I m not worried about me, I did this for Ruhi’s happiness.
Ruhi tells Ashok that she has to go to bathroom. Shagun says you have cheated me. Ishita says I did this for Ruhi. Shagun taunts Ishita. Ishita says whatever you told about 
Raman is true, but I will do everything for Ruhi. Ashok hears this. Ishita comes back. 

The hearing starts. The judge calls Ruhi. Shagun smiles and takes Ruhi. Ruhi looks at Ishita. Ishita smiles. The judge asks Ruhi with whom you want to live, Papa or Mummy.
Ruhi says I want to live with my Mummy. Ishita thinks she is talking about her and smiles. Ruhi says Shagun Mumma. Ishita, Raman and everyone are shocked. Shagun smiles. The judge says so its Ruhi’s decision. They take Ruhi to Shagun. Ishita cries looking at Ruhi. Shagun hugs Ruhi. Ashok smiles looking at Raman.
Ishita and Raman have a talk about Ruhi. Raman says now your new life won’t start 
ever. Ishita cries.
Credit : DTB

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Re: Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

Post by anurao66 on 2014-02-16, 09:53


Thanks a lot. I wonder what she will do.

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Re: Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

Post by -*Fenil*- on 2014-02-16, 10:20

thanx for wu

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Re: Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

Post by candy on 2014-02-16, 11:19

thanks sabi,
I expect Ishita will try to find the roots..

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Re: Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

Post by slmu on 2014-02-16, 13:19

Poor Ruhi looked so sad.. Raman was a bit confused when she was walking to the stand because she did not look happy.

Ashok obviously said something to her.. wonder what.

Shagun showing her true colors.. using bad language too and also automatically assuming everyone is like her looking for a rich guy  Rolling Eyes

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Re: Yeh hai mohabbatein WU 15th a February

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