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Sonal Handa's 'growing popularity' makes it tough for him to 'travel by public transport'

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Sonal Handa's 'growing popularity' makes it tough for him to 'travel by public transport'

Post by candy on 2014-02-23, 18:33

Given the population of Mumbai, travelling in local trains in the metropolis is not easy. And it gets tougher when you’re a celebrity.
Actor Sonal Handa best known as Saurabh of Colors’ Balika Vadhu is stuck in a similar situation.
To ditch the traffic on the roads the actor opts for trains. However of late with his character Saurabh becoming popular amongst the masses, it’s got a bit difficult for him to travel by public transport.
“The other day when I was in train I heard someone call out to me saying, ‘Aur kya sab badiya Saurabh Bhai’,” he laughs.
“It’s cool till people just addresses one by his character name, but when they start getting nasty what do you do,” he asks.
“The current track is around this MMS that Saurabh has made of Sanchi (Roop Durgapal). Hence, the other day a guy called out saying ‘bhai MMS toh share karna’. I did not know how to react to it,” rues the uncomfortable actor.
Does this mean that he has stopped travelling by train? “No, I still prefer travelling by train but I’ve come up with a solution to this problem. I cover my face with a handkerchief that saves me from being recognized and being subject to the nasty comments that were being thrown at me otherwise,” reveals the actor with a sign of relief.
And here goes a caution: ‘It’s best to maintain safe distance from strangers when in local trains’.

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