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Sasural Simar ka written update 1st March 2014

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Sasural Simar ka written update 1st March 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-03-01, 22:40

Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1
Simar says she should have informed us. Roli says that’s a fact. Simar says we must be careful now. A lot is happening around. Khushi can take advantage of any thing. Roli says yes you are right didi. We should keep on eye of all happenings.

Scene 2
Boby gives and extra mask to Khushi so in case of damaging the first one she can use it. She says to Khushi that she is always worried about her ans she should be careful in bharadwaj house.
A person calls Khushi and informs her that someone was queering about her. She gets frightened and wonders whom can it be? She says I should find it as soon as possible before the person actually reaches me.

Scene 3
Khushi goes to her room and conceals the mask in her closet. Simar comes in after a while. She is rummaging for something in Sonia’s closet and the mask drops down from the upper portion. Khushi gets dazed looking at the mask on floor. Simar picks it up and is about to open it when khushi stops her from doing so. Simar finds it a bit weird and returns her the mask.

Scene 4
Boby calls Khushi and says she wants to meet her urgently. Its something so important.
Khushi goes to meet her. She says someone came and asked about her. Then left his phone number for you. Khushi asks who was he ? Boby says I have no clue.

Precap- Khushi sees Roli, Sid, Prem and Simar going somewhere together. She wonder whats going on in their minds.


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