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Shaadi Ke Side Effects--Movie Review

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects--Movie Review

Post by pollyanna on 2014-03-01, 23:50

#ShaadiKeSideEffects @RangitaNandy @FarOutAkhtar @PritishNandy #EktaKapoor and #VidyaBalan.

What is the similarity between Saket Chaudhary's latest movie and Buffet at Barbeque Nation?

The starters are a delectable spread but the main course and desert tray disappoint. Why? Because there is nothing different(rather oft repeated) offered on the platter to satiate one's tastebuds. Ditto with #SKSE

Farhan is a delight to watch,carries the entire film on his shoulders with supreme command over the subtle nuances and ranges the character lives.
Vidya is a wasted talent, has limited scope to bring something substantial to the table.

Music: A big letdown!!!

Story: The script looked great on paper but was lost in translation.

Shaadi ke SIDE effects along with SPECIAL effects of the promotions by the lead actors leaves INSIGNIFICANT effects on the audience.

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Re: Shaadi Ke Side Effects--Movie Review

Post by Shegarf71 on 2014-03-02, 00:24

So sad after all that was expected...Love farhan and vidya combo but as u said...not utilized to full potential... Thanks Pals..always look forward to your Critics Corner  long hug


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