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Sasural Simar Ka - 3rd March 2014 - Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka - 3rd March 2014 - Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-03-04, 01:43

Scene 1
Khushi sees Roli and Simar along with Prem and Sid going somewhere. She wonders whats going on in their minds. She is curious and a little worried if they have Khushi is their mind.

Scene 2
Roli and Simar are discussing are Khushi’s recent appearances. Roli says we should be really careful she can take advantage of anything. Simar says yes I know. I am really worried for Sankalp and Sonia she can ruin their lives. We should keep an eye on every happening around.

Scene 3
The detective tells Simar and Roli that Khushi is not in Dehli according to her investigation. Roli says we should be careful she shouldn’t be around. Roli asks him to go to Goa to find her and observe him activities. AS Khushi has bought him he says I will not to Goa but don’t worry I will manage.
Later detective calls Roli and Simar and tells them that he has finished the case.

Scene 4
Khushi calls detective and says she will grant him with what he wants but has to do her work. Khushi disconnects the call. Khushi smiles and says I am Sanklap’s only wife and no one will ever find her. i am the playmaker.

Precap-Sid asks Khushi is she has withdrawn 15 lacs from the bank. Sonia and everyone gets dazed.

Credit DTB

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