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Trisha inks Jayam Ravi Tattoo

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Trisha inks Jayam Ravi Tattoo

Post by vedavalli on 2014-03-04, 18:02

[size=11.818181991577148]Tattoos have become one of the sign of showing their craziness towards celebrities. This is exactly the reason behind Trisha's new tattoo of Jayam Ravi on both of her arms and thighs.[/size]
[size=11.818181991577148]It is quite popular among Trisha fans that she has inked Nemo on her chest, which is a permanent tattoo, whereas this so called Jayam Ravi's designs are temporary and just for their upcoming film Boologam.[/size]
[size=11.818181991577148]Trisha plays Ravi's romantic interest in Boologam, who is a boxer in the film. Sources says, Trisha is doing an important role in the movie that motivates Ravi for a boxing match.[/size]
[size=11.818181991577148]Trisha's new Jayam Ravi's tattoo has gone viral in social networking sites.[/size]
[size=11.818181991577148]Stay tuned for more updates on Trisha, Jayam Ravi and their Boologam...[/size]
[size=11.818181991577148]Checkout way2movies for more ...[/size]

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