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Roli & Simar To Confront Bobby , Dr.Anuraag To Propose Jhaanvi In Sasuraal Simar Ka

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Roli & Simar To Confront Bobby , Dr.Anuraag To Propose Jhaanvi In Sasuraal Simar Ka

Post by candy on 2014-03-06, 17:55

In Colors Sasural Simar Ka, By the time the sisters reach Bobby for dinner,she will assures them that she will come for the sure. Here there will be a major operation at the hospital and Jhanvi will decide to stay against Sujata explaining her to stay .
Bobby comes home for dinner Sonia (Khushi) will get shocked to see him.There will be a major operation in the hospital and there is a complication which will be saved by Jhanvi .The sisters will confront bobby and Sonia(Khushi) will come to justify her she tells that she asked bobby to give the money to the detective to speed up the things. After the operation Jhanvi is resting when hots coffee falls on her.Anuraag does the dressing .
Khushi in her room is tensed that the sister’s is on to her she will have to do somethings .Jhanvi comes home late Sujata is upset. Here Sid calls the detective  to ask the progress ,Decetive doesn;t know what to say but Bobby manages to call him and tell him that he has to paly along and tell these people that he is still looking for a clues .Sujata goes to the hospital to meet Dr. Arora and request him not to pressurize Jhanvi.Bobby asks Khushi to keep her out of her problems and not to bother her  anymore.
Dr. Anuraag will propose Jhanvi….


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