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Sasural Simar ka written update 6th March 2014

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Sasural Simar ka written update 6th March 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-03-06, 21:23

Sasural Simar Ka 6th March 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1
Jhanvi calls Simar and says please ask maa that I have to be part of this operation. Simar says I will talk to her but just take care of yourself.

Scene 2
Khushi is happy that her skin is getting better. I wish Boby could come to house today. She applies the cream. Verma aunty is in the market as well. She sees sonia’s car, khushi drives away.

Scene 3
Simar says to sid and prem that boby is coming tonight we have to keep an eye and show her real face to sonia. Mausi ji listens just a part of their talks and says why are you talking about fish ? Simar says I met boby in makret today. She is coming over dinner. She said she will like to have fish. Mausi ji says its not her fault she has grown up in America. Mausi ji tells sonia that boby is coming over. SHe says yes I know. Simar says how ? Khushi says she called me.

Scene 4
Doctor arora dicusses the case with his team. All the team goes out. Jhanvi wishes him god luck. She says all you surgeries have been successful. He says thanks for the compliment and for staying. She says i will gain experience and being a friend i should second you.
Mausi ji asks sujata why is she sad ? Simar says I asked her for permission so jhanvi can work late in hospital. Roli says I have talked to her she will take care and will have a day off tomorrow. Mata ji says nothing is better than her health. I won’t bear anything against her. Khushi comes down and pretends like she has called boby. SHe says everyone is waiting for you ? She says oh you hace ache in stomach okay no problem take care. She says she won’t be able to come. Mausi ji says calla her let me talk to her. Boby comes in and says there is no need to call boby darling is here. She says I was just making you fool. Mata ji asks her to have a seat.

scene 5
Surgery is going on, jhanvi is concentrating well on her work. A nurse shows doctor that the heartbeat is going down. Shock machine is not working. Jhanvi says we have to do something. She starts giving pressure on the patients chest by herself. The patient is saved. Jahnvi smiles.

Scene 6
Mausi ji asks Boby how is the business going that you started with the money sonia gave you ? She syas what money ? Everyone is dazed. SOnia says boby your memory is weak. SHe is asking about the 15 lac i gave you. Boby understands and says i will start it soon. I will start saloon’s business. Mausi ji says biut you are a doctor.

Scene 7
Doctor arora says jhanvi you are so lucky for me. You saved the patient the credit of this operation goes to you. He gets a call from his mom. He says i was in OT mom. Just saw your missed calls and called you. I know you are angry because I didn’t go to meet that girl. I will marry the girl I like. Peon gets jhanvi coffee but is slips on her hand and she gets it burnt. Doctor arora takes her to his room and applies the first aid. Jahvni looks in his eyes. He says it will be okay.

Scene 8
Roli says I saw you with the detective we hired. What you wanna do with sonia ? Why you tried to kidnap her? Khushi comes in and says I will tell you. Simar says how you know all this ? She says I asked her to give money to that detective. She says I heard you all talking and I knew that anirud denied working on this. I knew that my family is behind all this but you thought is khushi. So just to save you all I asked that detective to work on the case again.

Precap- Doctor arora says to jhanvi i wanna say something. Jhanvi says yeah go ahead. He says I love you jhanvi. She is dazed.


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