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Balika Badhu written update 6th March 2014

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Balika Badhu written update 6th March 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-03-06, 21:25

Balika Vadhu 6th March 2014 Written Episode
The episode starts with Jagya and Ganga looking at Mannu and recalls what Doctor told them. Alok says, I talked to someone about Saachi’s job. Daddu says, it is good. It will help her in getting out of the trauma. Anandi says, she is going for the NGO work. Saachi tells Anandi that she wants to join the NGO and work for its welfare. Anandi is surprised. She tells about the woman blessing her in the temple. Anandi smiles. Ira and Meenu are happy. Saachi says, I felt peace and happiness. Anandi hugs her and asks her to take her photo for the membership card. Saachi thanks her. Everyone is happy with Saachi’s move.
Nandu shows the house he made for Mannu. Dadisaa is worried for Jagya and Ganga. She says, they didn’t inform us when they are coming. Mannu comes home calling Dadisaa. He comes to Dadisaa. Everyone smiles. Jagya and Ganga enter. Sumitra takes Abhi. Nandu asks Mannu to come with him. Gehna asks them to drink tea. Jagya recalls about the doctor words. Jagya tells Sumitra that they went for outing and Mannu enjoyed a lot. Ganga breakdown and cries. Everyone rush to her. Dadisaa asks, what is the matter? Sumitra asks, did Jagya say anything? Bhairov asks, what happened? Jagya says, we took Mannu to Jaipur for his check up. Dadisaa says, he is fine naa. Jagya says, nothing is fine with him. Mannu is suffering from blood cancer. Everyone are shocked.
Saachi tells the NGO women that Saachi is joining the NGO. She tells about the spices which they will sell from NGO’s name. Anandi shows Saachi about the spices which the women prepares and says we sell it. She asks her to manage the packing and quality. Saachi says, I will be happy. I have an idea in my mind. Why to depend on the outside store. We can do the marketing on our own. Anandi says, it is a good idea. Chanda shouts for Anandi. Anandi says, what happened. Chanda tells her about Avanti who is in trouble. Chanda says, Avanti’s inlaws are getting his husband remarried. Anandi and Saachi go to meet Avanti.
Ganga asks Mannu to drink the syrup. Mannu drinks it. Dadisaa is pained to see Mannu. She takes him in her lap and send him out to play. Ganga starts crying. Dadisaa consoles her. She says, unburden your heart with tears, but don’t cry later. I won’t let you cry. She tells her that children will feel if she cry. Anandi asks her to fight with the disease. She says, I have done the sankalp that Mannu will be fine. She asks her to promise her that she won’t shed any more tears. Ganga promises her while crying.
Avanti tells Anandi that her inlaws have been torturing her since her marriage. Now they have thrown her with her daughter. Anandi says, I will handle them. They don’t know me.


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