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Sasural Simar ka written update 7tht March 2014

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Sasural Simar ka written update 7tht March 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-03-07, 21:15

[size=12.727272033691406]Sasural Simar Ka 7th March 2014 Written Episode
Scene 1
Sonia says its about the security of whole family. Ia asked that detecetive to work on the case again.Sid says why didn’t you tell us ? Khushi says I thought you won’t like it. SImar apologizes boby. SHe says we got you wrong. Roli says please forgive us. Boby leaves. Khushi sasy I will talk to her. Please don’t discuss this all with Sankalp.
Scene 2
Prem says to simar maybe this plan of sonia will help us. We will talk to anirud.
Khushi is in her saying I am tired of speaking too much. These two sisters are so clever. I have to do something.
Scene 3
Jhanvi comes home. Simar asks why are you so late. Sujata comes in and she looks furious. SHe says how could I sleep. Sujata asks what are you hiding. SHe sees her burnt hand. Sujta says why you never take care jhanvi. Sujata is really angry at her.
Scene 4
Sid comes to sonia and asks did she talk to anirud ? SHe says no. SId says we should not delay things. Lets pressure him I will call him right now. His phone is busy. He calls again. Khushi is scared. Anirud gets a call from boby and he asks sid to wait. Khushi says don’t worry sid.
Scene 5
Karuna says to mata ji that we should celebrate the holi this time. Khushi says I like holi too. Pari says I will call some clients as well. Khushi says the real happiness is with the family.
Scene 6
Doctor arora drops Jhanvi to home. SHe asks him to come in. He says next time. She gets out of the car. Jhanvi says did you say something ? He says no. He gets out of the car and stops her. He says I wanted to tell you something. SHe says yes go ahead. He says I love you jahnvi. Jhanvi is in shock. He says I don’t know how it happened I just know that I do. I know you are the girl I want to spend my life with. Jhanvi is about to say something. Verma aunty come and says Hello to doctor arora. SHe says I am sorry I took you wrong. He says its okay. SHe says no its not. I have heard the friendship gets into live. Jhanvi is angry.
Precap- Sid introduces Mata ji to the clients. They are speaking english and khushi can’t get it. Everyone is doubtful[/size]


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