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Balika Badhu written update 10th March 2014

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Balika Badhu written update 10th March 2014

Post by cheena007 on 2014-03-10, 21:20

[size=12.727272033691406]Balika Vadhu 10th March 2014 Written Episode
The episode starts with Jagya informing his family that Doctor said that medicines is not working for Mannu. Doctor said not to worry. He will tell what to do after seeing the blood report. Dadisaa says, shall we take Mannu back home. Jagya signs. Ganga is sad. Jagya looks at Mannu and assures Ganga that nothing can happen to their Mannu.
Saurabh’s parents come to meet him. His mom cries as she sees him in jail. She curses Saachi. She says, I never dreamt this day. His dad asks his wife not to cry. She gives him food and asks him to eat. Saurabh says, I don’t want to eat. Vivek bhaiyya didn’t give me a chance to speak. His mom says, we got annoyed with him and asked him to leave the house. He didn’t listen to us. He didn’t speak to us else we would have saved you. She says, everything is finished. Saurabh asks, what did he said? His dad says, Vivek said that he is right and left the house. Saurabh thinks to take revenge from him once he is released. He says, I won’t forgive you.
Jagya talks to the Doctor and tells Ganga that he is coming for Mannu’s chemotherapy. Ganga cries. Vivek comes to the jail. He sees his parents. His parents taunt him. Her mom says, I did a mistake by giving birth to you. Because of you, my family is ruined. She says, he is your brother. You sacrificed him. Jagya and Ganga come to the hospital with Mannu and family. Doctor asks Ganga and Jagya to come inside. Ganga asks Mannu to take elder’s blessings. Mannu touches their feet. Dadisaa blesses him.
Ganga and Jagya help the doctor in the chemotherapy session. Oh Palanhaare plays……………Ganga makes him rest on the bed. Everyone pray for Mannu’s safety. Anandi too prays for him. Jagya and Ganga come out. He says, they give him injections. He is feeling weak. After 2 hours, they can take him home. Basant asks, he will be fine naa? Jagya says, we can just hope. Bhairov says, he will be fine. We are all with him.
Dadisaa asks Ganga, why she is sad? She says, this medicines will work and Mannu will be alright. Avanti comes to the NGO with her husband. He says, my name is Gagan. Avanti touches her feet. Anandi is happy to see them together. Avanti says, my in laws have accepted me. Gagan says, she forgave me. I did a mistake. Anandi asks him to tell the truth. Gagan says, he has realized the mistake. He was about to lose his daughter. Anandi tells Avanti that your husband is with you now. Saachi smiles.
Everyone come back to haveli and see the house decorated. Sumitra welcomes them. Gehna says, you all might be tired and gives the juice. Sumitra gives the sherbet to Mannu as well. Mannu comes in the joker’s attire to make everyone laugh. Mannu gets happy seeing him like a joker. Everyone are happy seeing Mannu. Nandu takes out his mask. Mannu calls Nandu bhai saa. Manav plays with the mask.
Anandi and her family are seated to watch Amol’s performance in his school function. Later Amol and his friends perform on the song Itni Si Khushi….Anandi is happy.

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