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YRKKH WU 28th Mar '13

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YRKKH WU 28th Mar '13

Post by zuzana on 2013-03-29, 09:59

Credit to desitvforum

Naitak tries to console naksh
Naksh then talks about his watergun and talks about how to throw colours on everyone

Akshara comes from behind
Naksh tells her to come but she makes excuse and goes to kitchen

Naitak then follows her to the kitchen
He gets water
Akshara angry with naitak
Naitak tries to say sorry
She breaks down

At maheshwari house – varsha hears noise
She screams CHOR CHOR and everyone comes
Anshu mum comes after but anshu gets up and scares everyone
Varsha thought he was thief

Someone throws colours from above
Shaurya comes down and takes blessing
Varsha blushes

Ananya comes running and hugs shaurya

Singhania house – naksh puts colours on dadajee
Dadajee does the same
Everyone is over the moon and is happy


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