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Shaadi Ke Side Effects - An alternative intake

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Shaadi Ke Side Effects - An alternative intake

Post by -Sheena- on 2014-03-11, 17:30

Firstly what attracted me to watch this movie...Lets be honest, not Ekta Kapoor for sure... :P

A good leading pair coupled with some good hearty comedy and the story telling  between the sexes in regards to love and marriage...TBH, I had not read any reviews and had no inkling as to what the plot entailed but somehow I felt it had something in common with the seven year itch that happens in marriage...

The movie begins with two strangers meet at a bar (cliche, I  know) and each tells the other that their respective partners have no time for them, so both these strangers flirt with each other and things get steamy in the lift and then its left to our imaginations as to what happens next in the hotel room...What the audience gets to know from the next scene is that this is a game that Sid (Farhan Akhtar and Trisha (Vidya Balan) play with each other to keep their marriage spicy and fresh... In fact, its Trisha's idea!! 

Moving on, Trisha finds out that she is pregnant...Sid says that he is not ready to be a father and a whole conversation becomes on why no protection was worn...Anyhow, both agree to abort the baby but once they reach the hospital, Sid has a change of idea when he sees another father who quite conveniently was visiting the hospital with quadruplets and had a similar tale of waiting when ready and thru IVF, he is stuck with 4 babies..He tells Sid that he wished that he never waited for kids as the consequences are here for all to see... Sid, hearing this story and imagining himself in the same position and being blamed, stops his wife from abortion..

The actual comedy in the movie was during the pregnancy and straight afterwords... Sid, who feels totally out of his depth in regards to fatherhood decides to enlists his friends to help him...They wrongly advice him to follow a pregnancy book and comical situations are created between Sid and Trisha...I guess the funniest part was when Sid wears a fake pregnancy belly and it pops...Water splashes out...At the same time, Trisha's water breaks and she has baby girl...

The following scenes leads to how Sid is not able to bond with the child and how Trisha becomes a possessive mother...Sid tries to spice up their relationship but Trisha is too much in baby mode that their relationship deteriorates to the point where Sid who was always looked upon as an hero is almost a nuisance third wheel to his wife and child...To make matters worse, Trisha's sister and her husband played by real life couple Gauri and Ram Kapoor seem to be the perfect couple and Ranveer in particular a perfect father...

The story follows less on the relationship of marriage but more on fatherhood in a marriage...

Sid to decides to do some damage control to his image and decides to take tips from the obnoxious Ranveer and he shares his dirty little secret with him that the secret to a successful marriage is to take 2-3 days away from your partner every 3 weeks to recharge your batteries for the wife to miss your presence and for the man to remain sane in the marriage...However, Sid being naive or stupid (you pick)  he never really understood these secret trips away from wife for Ranveer also meant to include beautiful women...

The second half of the movie deals with Sid on the pretense of working spends a few days away and the result being he was able to be a better father to his daughter...The story drags on as to how he has to face his wife to tell the truth of his trips and her reaction to it...

Trisha on the other hand, who apparently was some high advertisement executive gave up her profession to become a full time parent and how she put on weight after pregnancy and felt she has lost her identity...though this was not explored but hinted upon...

Towards the end, Trisha gets angry at her husband for lying and takes another 30 minutes of the film for her to forgive him...

Overall, if you are an ekta kapoor fan and enjoy her serials then this movie is for you but I found it rather too long and like her serials, does not know when to end...The acting was decent but to me the lead pair did not have any chemistry...Vidya was really a disappointment especially who was in charge of her outfits..To me she was a second lead and that Farhan was the main lead of this movie...Certain things did not make much sense as in Sid was a struggling musician and Trisha had given up her job yet they were living a very luxurious lifestyle...Who was funding it all I wonder??? 

First half is better than the second half...Watch at your own peril and if you think its on marriage and relationship then forget about it...The story revolves around the inadequacy of fatherhood...

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Re: Shaadi Ke Side Effects - An alternative intake

Post by sonshine487 on 2014-03-11, 18:05

seems they had thought of one story at first, which rapidly was splattered all over the place!
Vidya Balan always faced criticism with regard to her clothes!

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