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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29 March 2013

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Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29 March 2013

Post by sarra0 on 2013-03-29, 22:45

Written Update credit to Armu4eva- DTB

Part 1

Asad puts gulaal on Zoyas face..and Ayan pours color on her..! Asad too..! Nikhat and Humera are playing colors too and Ayan puts color on Humera! Ayan dances on Paltan pe nache Madhubala! Zoya joins Ayan after putting color on Ayan..! Najma dances with them as well n Nikhat and Humera joins them..! Zoya and Najma throw colors in the air..!

Thereafter.. Zoya-Najma-Nikhat-Humera dance in synch..! Zoya teases Asad and woos him..! Asad keeps mum! Ayan keeps jumping all around n lies on a cot and people carry it around..! Asad gets pulled to dance by Najma n Zoya and he does a few moves ..! Zoya keeps trying to make him dance.. but he goes aside..!

Ayan Zoya and others keep dancing and Zoya almost trips and Asad holds him in time..! Eyelock..! BG- Mitwa ..! Circular shot of AsYa! Tanvir watches from afar BG- Billo rani! Asad puts color on Zoyas cheek and Zoya smiles.! She too puts color on Asads face..! Tanvir watches ..from afar glaring at the duo! BG-Mitwa for AsYa..! Asad holds Zoyas hand..!

Zoya is on the phone and asks about the photo she gave for framing and the person says.. its about to get ready..! Zoya says cant hear in the noise..! The man asks by what time she will come? Zoya says she is in Raam Leela Maidan and will come soon! Right then Razia comes and the guy says the photo frames are not ready yet..! Razia says i know and asks about the girl he had talked of the previous day! The man says.. yes.. but dun have the number ..but she had called and asked about her photo frame..! He gives Zoyas whereabouts.! Razia contemplates..!

Ayan is all lost and Zoya calls Ayan n says.. hello Robert and Ayan says.. Mona operation Karan Arjun successful ..! Zoya wants to meet n Ayan says.. surely.. he says..a guy with color on him n Zoya says..all have color! They collide with each other n fume..! They say on phone.. Some idiot had collided n realise they talking to each other about each other n close in..! Asad pours water on their faces.. and they are shocked to see each other..! They recollect their first meeting ..fights ..! Both go.. TUM??

Razia arrives at the Raam Leela Maidan and wonders what to do if anyone recognises her? She puts color on her face…! Zoya asks so ur Mr. Khans bro? Ayan says.. n ur the guest from US? Asad says.. yes.. ! Zoya says.. dinno Mr. Khan loves u so much n Ayan says.. but i know ..why Asad calls her Musibat..! Ayan says..he had prayed to Lord that he give all of Asads trouble to him but he makes another wish

Cheeti ki chu nikli jise samjha tha sher ki dahad
Chuha mila .. hume after digging pahad..

Ayan says.. the actual sher suits.. Chuhiya Farukhi..!

Ayan says.. dushman bhi gale mil jate hain .. and he wants to hug all troubles too.! Zoya says.. n she wants to spray pepper spray in his eyes! Asad says..what is the problem? He says that… U two are childhood buds right…n made plan against me.. right? Zoya-Ayan blame each other ..! Ayan says.. the plan to stop him to reach court was Zoyas .. Zoya says the bhoot idea was Ayans..! Ayan says Opeartion Karan Arjun was Zoyas idea..! Zoya says holi was Ayans idea ..n Ayan finishes by saying..Zoya calls Asad… Akdoo Ahmed Khan ..! Asad asks them both to shake hands..! They do..n smile at each other..! Asad spots Rasheed-Shireen-Nuzhat..!

Part 2

Ayan asks Nuzhat why she brought their parents at the Maidan.. ! Nuzhat tells Ayan she dinno they were gonna come! Rasheed-Shireen are standing face to face in front of Dilshad..! Shireen approaches Dilshad and is about to apply color on her when Asad comes and blocks her by holding her hand..! Everyone is stunned..! Asad pushes Dilshad aside .. glares at Rasheed and walks past them with Najma in tow..! Shireen hugs Ayan .. n Ayan holds her hand and comforts her..! Rasheed looks on pained..!

The photo frame shop guy calls Razia and gives Zoyas number to Razia..! Razia calls on the number n Zoyas moby rings n Razia can hear..! Zoya is standing with her back to Razia …and Razia starts to walk towards her..! Suddenly Razia gets blocked by a group of revellers and by the time she reaches to Zoya.. Zoya has left the spot..! A while later .. she spots Zoya n someone comes n pulls Zoya around n says.. ZOYA come play with us..! Razia is shocked to see her..!

Part 3

Razia says.. YEH LADKI?? Mere shohar ki najayaz aulaad.. jiski ammi ko maine khatam kiya? She says. .buri kismat..har raste ka bhikhari hai… ! What a turn in destiny ..she is here n that too on the side of my enemy? Razia swears that. .main bhi woh bala hun .. jo gar rasta kaat jaye… to bili bhi rasta badal leti hai..!

Razia bi ko bhi aag se khelne ka hunar aata hai..! She says before this fire destroys my life and me.. have to do something about it..! Tanvir taunts Razia that.. a woman like her.. with a lowly girl like her?? What will happen to her repute..! Razia tells Tanvir to cut the crap n that she will give her double the money..! She tells Tanvir to handle a girl.. n ensure she is out of this town .. n country n to ensure she never returns..! Tanvir who is the girl? Razia points to Zoya..! Tanvir says..she can work for Razia ..! Razia turns to leave n Tanvir says.. she said..she can not ..will do..! Razia says..she will do this work.. as she will pay her double..!

Zoya calls out to Tanvir and comes to her! Razia turns her back to Zoya..! Zoya says..she was searching for her n says Asad has sent car for them..! Zoya says..lets go n they leave! Razia watches..!

Precap — Asad says.. Ms Farukhi ..! Zoya says.. my mood is too bad.. so please save ur bitter talk for some other day..! Asad says..he saw she was upset ..since she .. n offers her a pastry.. ! Zoya takes n eats n smiles..! Asad smiles at her..!

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29 March 2013

Post by Shesherkobita on 2013-03-31, 07:38

Thanks Sara... Very detailed update... So Zoya will have to leave the country bcos , I think, Tanveer will inform immigration and visa office...

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29 March 2013

Post by anurao66 on 2013-03-31, 07:55


Thanks for the detailed update and described the dance sequence also. I wonder what Tanu will do now. Will she as Sabi says inform immigration authorities? Has her time laspsed and her JIJu did not call her back?

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Re: Qubool Hai - Written Update - 29 March 2013

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